The Global Master in Management – GETT is as much about personal growth as it is about academic achievement

Meet Eric Mortier, a student enrolled in the Global Master in Management – GETT programme, currently in his final year at UC Berkeley Haas, California. His journey into this programme was sparked during his preparatory classes in Commercial Economics (ECE) when Michelle Sisto, former Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, presented the Global Master in Management - GETT programme. The programme's global scope and its prestigious partnership with Berkeley immediately captivated Eric, setting him on his current academic path.

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29 Feb 2024
Global Master in Management - GETT


What motivated you to choose the Global Master in Management – GETT programme at EDHEC?

Heeding the context of the pandemic crisis and the restrictive measures of 2020-2021, my decision was primarily motivated by the desire for international exposure and the opportunity to travel. The appeal of studying across three continents was irresistible, offering a chance to significantly broaden my horizons. Additionally, the prestige of the Global Master in Management - GETT programme and its esteemed academic partnerships, particularly with UC Berkeley Haas, played a crucial role in my choice, aiming to immerse myself in diverse cultural and educational experiences.



How did the international aspect of the programme appeal to you, especially considering your interest in the pharmaceutical industry?

The prospect of international exposure was a major draw for me. The opportunity to travel, explore new cultures, and broaden my horizons was aligned with my personal and academic aspirations. Despite my interest in technology, my main passion lies in the pharmaceutical industry, which benefits from technological advancements. The Global Master in Management - GETT programme's international and interdisciplinary approach seemed like the perfect fit to combine my interests in health, technology, and global exposure.



Can you share a memorable experience from your time in the programme?

A standout moment was my first evening out in Seoul after completing quarantine, where the vibrant atmosphere of Hongdae Street left a lasting impression. I remember standing there for a minute, trying to grasp all the things that were going on around me. This experience symbolised the essence of what I sought from the programme: the opportunity to explore and immerse myself in unfamiliar environments, pushing boundaries and encouraging personal growth beyond academics.



Reflecting on your move from Paris to Seoul to Berkeley, what was the most significant aspect of that transition for you?

The move was a culture shock, with the transition pushing me towards independence since I had been living in France until then. Learning to navigate the Korean alphabet, currency exchange, and the time difference were initial challenges. This journey, including my time in Berkeley, has been enriching, teaching me the value of autonomy and contributing to my personal growth.



Adapting to new cultures can be challenging. How did you manage these challenges, especially with personal and health concerns?

Adapting required overcoming my homebound nature and dealing with ankylosing spondylitis, which makes environmental changes difficult. My determination for an international experience and the support from my programme were crucial. They provided guidance on navigating new environments and health care, which was essential for my adaptation.



The support from your programme seems to have played a significant role in your adaptation. Can you share more about how they assisted you in Korea and the USA? 

Yes, the programme's support was instrumental. They helped me through the visa process for Seoul and provided a comprehensive guide on navigating the visa application for Berkeley. In Seoul, receiving a care package from SKK GSB with essentials and goodies offered a warm welcome and eased my concerns during the Covid pandemic. Their assistance extended beyond logistics, showing a great commitment to student well-being.



How has your experience in the programme influenced your career aspirations in the pharmaceutical industry?

The Global Master in Management - GETT has allowed me to refine my career goals, reinforcing my desire to work in healthcare, although not directly in the tech sector. Through courses and experiences at UC Berkeley, such as studying immunology, I've been able to deepen my understanding of the scientific aspects relevant to my career goals. These experiences have enriched my understanding of the industry's complexities and have equipped me with a broader knowledge that is often sought by recruiters in this sector.



Can you talk about the strong focus on entrepreneurship in the programme and how it prepared you for the future, especially in terms of entering the job market?

The programme has significantly reinforced my confidence in entering the job market, providing me with a comprehensive skill set and a global perspective that I believe will distinguish me in my career pursuits. The hands-on experiences, the entrepreneurial projects, and the extensive networking opportunities have been invaluable, shaping my outlook on professional development and readiness to tackle future challenges.

For our master’s project, we are tasked with creating a business, a departure from the traditional thesis and a practical undertaking into company creation. This project enables us to apply our learning in a real-world context, marking it as a pivotal component of our entrepreneurial education and shaping our skills in project management.


Reflecting on your experience, what advice would you give to incoming Global Master in Management – GETT students?

Embrace the journey with an open mind and a willingness to be surprised. The Global Master in Management - GETT programme is as much about personal growth as it is about academic achievement. It's an opportunity to explore diverse interests, develop a global mindset, and build resilience. For those on the fence about joining, consider the unparalleled exposure to different cultures, industries, and professional networks. The programme offers a unique platform to not only advance your career but also to enrich your personal development.




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