Global Master in Management - GETT Programme: Unveiling the Three-Country Study Experience

In 2021, Tian Xinyi joined EDHEC's Global Master in Management - GETT programme, specialising in Global Economic Transformation and Technology. After completing her studies at the EDHEC Paris campus and the Business School of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, she embarked on her journey to the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Here, she shares her student experience with us.

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9 Jan 2024
Tian Xinji - Global Master in Management GETT


Can you talk about your academic experience in the Global Master in Management - GETT programme so far?


Since I joined the Global Master in Management - GETT programme, I have had the privilege of studying in three different countries, experiencing the unique environments and teaching methods of three different schools.

In the first semester in Paris, the course schedule was very intense, and there were no elective courses. In addition to basic business courses like marketing and accounting, we also studied R language data analysis and introductory Korean language courses.

In the second semester in Seoul, apart from mandatory courses, we had the opportunity to choose two to three elective courses from the eight to nine business courses offered by the school.

Now that I am in Berkeley, in addition to the courses at the business school, we can freely choose courses of our interest from all fields offered at Berkeley. In our class, some students chose other business courses at the Haas School of Business, some opted for language courses, and some selected literature, social sciences, and sports courses from other fields.


Can you talk about your overseas living experience in the Global Master in Management programme so far?


The Global Master in Management - GETT programme (USA-Asia pathway) has taken me to study and live in three different countries: Paris, Seoul, and Berkeley. I have enjoyed each city, and I quickly adapted to life in all of them.

The Paris campus is located near the iconic Paris Opera House in the city center. Although the campus is not very large, it was a daily delight to see the famous Paris Opera House when getting off the subway, making me feel very fortunate. While living in Paris, my fellow students and I often went for walks, visited exhibitions, and enjoyed meals during our free time, making life very convenient.

Although I didn't experience the bustling life within a large campus in Paris, I found that experience in Seoul and Berkeley. Seoul needs no introduction as a major Asian city with a rich offering of food, entertainment, and nightlife. It is also incredibly safe, fulfilling all my expectations for a life reminiscent of Korean dramas. The campus of Sungkyunkwan University is beautiful, and the professors are very welcoming.

This semester, I am in Berkeley, and classes have just started. Student clubs are recruiting new members, and I can see various clubs setting up stalls on campus every day to promote their activities. You can apply to join any club that interests you. The campus is vast, and the architecture is impressive. Just the other day, I went to see the movie " Oppenheimer " and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was filmed in Berkeley!



In what ways do you feel you have changed since joining the Global Master in Management - GETT programme?


Before joining the Global Master in Management - GETT programme, I was uncertain about the career field I wanted to pursue after graduation. However, after joining the programme, especially after completing a year of internships, I have a much clearer and more definite plan for my future.


Who do you think the Global Master in Managment - GETT programme is suitable for?


I believe the Global Master in Management - GETT programme is highly suitable for individuals who are enthusiastic about exploring new environments. If you are open to different cultures and eager to continuously discover future possibilities through experiences and hands-on learning, you are very welcome to join us.






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