Global Master in Management - GETT: the ultimate international experience for students who wish to explore the challenges of tech, data and innovation

Embark on an exceptional international journey with the Global Master in Management - GETT programme. Sébastien Dieuaide, Programme Director, guides you through the essence of this rich and unique programme.

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7 Feb 2024
Sebastien DIEUAIDE


Could you describe the Global Master in Management - GETT and its two pathways?

The Global Master in Management – GETT is the most international programme in the school. It is built upon a collaboration with two renowned partner institutions, both in the USA-Asia pathway and the Europe pathway.


The USA-Asia pathway, which was launched 7 years ago, starts with the first semester of Master 1 on EDHEC’s Paris campus, where students acquire after the key business and finance management skills, with a strong emphasis on technology. Then, the students move on to internationally recognised SKK GSB in Seoul, where they further develop their students in management while immersing themselves in South Korea's dynamic technology and innovation ecosystem. Following a gap year enabling them to acquire professional experience and apply the skills acquired in M1, students complete the programme by following their entire Master 2 year at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. There, they continue to thrive in the unparalleled environment of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. This experience is enriched by company visits and numerous networking opportunities, making the programme exceptionally rewarding.


The new Europe pathway of the Global Master in Management - GETT, scheduled to launch in September 2024, follows a similar structure. Students initially begin their Master 1 together on the EDHEC’s Paris campus, with the same academic disciplines centered around tech-related issues. They then spend the second semester at ESMT Berlin, where they can leverage the expertise of this institution in particular to enhance their data science skills. After a professional gap year dedicated to applying the skills acquired in M1, the students finish their studies at Imperial College Business School, in London, where they will pursue the MSc in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Management. In this pathway, which places greater emphasis on data and entrepreneurship, students' experiences are also enriched by the thriving innovation and technology ecosystems of the two European capitals.


Furthermore, the Global Master in Management – GETT programme offers an exceptional human experience by bringing together approximately 65 students to form a close-knit community – 45 students for the USA-Asia pathway and 20 students for the Europe pathway. They unite in Paris during the first semester then move on to explore the various cities of their chosen track together. This creates a powerful GETT identity that complements those of EDHEC and its partner schools. The Global Master in Management - GETT graduates also benefit from the services and advantages of all three networks, thereby crucially enhancing their employability in today's professional world.


Why was the Europe pathway introduced, and how does it enhance the overall Global Master in Management programme?

The introduction of this new pathway within the Global Master in Management - GETT programme has occurred for several reasons. Firstly, there was a desire to offer the "GETT experience" by harnessing the richness and diversity that Europe provides. Furthermore, it seemed pertinent to broaden our offerings by establishing partnerships in academic areas that were not necessarily covered by the historical USA-Asia pathway. In this new Europe pathway, the focus is indeed on entrepreneurship and data management, presenting unique opportunities for students who choose this path.


How does the Global Master in Management – GETT distinguish itself from other similar programmes on the market? 

The Global Master in Management - GETT distinguishes itself through its strong international dimension, making it a rare programme among French schools and even on the international academic stage. For over half of the programme, our students follow programmes on the campuses of our partners, thus promoting a genuine immersion in the cultural, academic and professional community of these partners. This immersive journey constitutes an unparalleled human experience and enhances the development of crucial and differentiating skills such as adaptability, open-mindedness and agility in an increasingly global job market. Furthermore, through these pathways, our students become integral members of prestigious communities at SKK and UC Berkeley or ESMT Berlin and Imperial College London, thereby benefiting from a significantly amplified professional network.


What are the differences in professionalisation development between the USA-Asia and Europe pathways within the Global Master in Management - GETT programme?

Apart from the cultural and linguistic differences between these two pathways, there are also differences in terms of professionalisation. The USA-Asia pathway better prepares students for careers in consulting, finance, business development and sustainable development, which are all fields naturally connected to this programme, while maintaining a strong focus on tech. The Europe pathway places more emphasis on data sciences and entrepreneurship, always with a strong focus on tech and innovation.


How does the new pathway address the evolving demands of the job market?

In the current professional landscape, full grasp of management, technology and innovation is essential, especially to address the major transformations linked with the increasingly rapid development of artificial intelligence and the undeniable importance of data management in the professional world. We have also perceived an increasingly strong desire from our students to create and venture in entrepreneurship. For these reasons, it seemed particularly relevant to offer a programme that merges both skills while partnering with leading global players in these fields.


This Europe pathway, like the historic USA-ASIA pathway, undoubtedly provides advanced technical training for well-defined careers in tech and innovation. Beyond academic excellence, this unique programme also enables students to enhance their adaptability, innovation mindset and open-mindedness, preparing them to tackle future challenges and successfully embark on careers that do not exist today but will be essential in 10 years!


Can you explain the importance of following an international programme?

Nowadays, it seems essential to multiply experiences abroad because most of the jobs targeted by our students have a strong international dimension. Living and evolving in diverse international environments such as Korea, the United States, Germany or England broadens their horizons to a variety of cultures, ways of thinking and approaches to the business world, which prepares them to become excellent international managers once graduated.


What support and assistance services are offered to students throughout their journey in the Global Master in Management – GETT programme?

Throughout the Global Master in Management – GETT programme, students benefit from a dedicated team that provides both academic and pastoral support, wherever they are in the world. This team provides personalised assistance and facilitates coordination with the programme’s partner institutions to ensure optimal experience. Furthermore, students have access to the resources of the three partner institutions, including housing assistance, the Career Centre, etc. Beyond the services offered by EDHEC and the partners, the GETT community also shares valuable advice from one cohort to the next. This tradition of sharing tips and useful practical information speaks highly about the students' attachment to the Global Master in Management – GETT.


Regarding the support of Global Master in Management - GETT students in their professional projects, students benefit from personalised guidance starting from the first semester in Paris by EDHEC’s globally recognised Career Centre, which continues throughout the programme, complementing the activities of the Career Services of the partner institutions.


For which student profiles is the Global Master in Management - GETT designed?

The Global Master in Management - GETT programme is tailored for student with excellent academic records, interested in the fields of technology, innovation, data sciences and entrepreneurship, and who have a strong desire for international experiences. We are looking for students eager to embark on this thrilling three-year journey - 2 years of academics and 1 year of professional immersion.


What message do you wish to convey to students curious about the Global Master in Management – GETT programme?

If you’re looking for a life-changing programme with amazing international opportunities and a strong focus on new technologies, innovation, data management and entrepreneurship, then the Global Master in Management – GETT is made for you!



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