Governance and Emotions at the Interface in the Family Business

At the interface, Atlanta, USA, August 4-8, 2017

Written on 12 January 2018.

The Academy of Management (AOM), founded in 1936 in the United States, organizes its 77th annual family business conference with as main theme, “At the Interface”.

The Academy of Management (AOM), founded in 1936 in the United States, organizes its 77th annual family business conference with as main theme, “At the Interface”. Interface would be defined as common boundary or interconnection between systems, concepts or human beings. Knowing that, interfaces establish boundaries that differentiate and separate, it marks space where insiders can jointly define an organization’s mission, develop an organizational identity, and participate in organizational activities. They can also develop connections that facilitate communication, negotiation, and exchange across organizational boundaries.

This event is an invitation to reflect on the many ways how interfaces can separate and connect people, as well as organizations, and then to consider the consequences of those separations and interconnections. Following last year’s success of the Professional Development Workshop (PDW) on the governance of emotions in entrepreneurial and family businesses with 55 participants, Rania Labaki (EDHEC Family Business Centre) and Giorgia Maria D'Allura (University of Catania) propose a second edition on August 5th, 2017 at the AOM Conference in Atlanta.

The PDW aims at advancing our understanding on how and to what extent governance (corporate governance and family governance) may contribute to fueling and shaping different types of individuals’ emotions at the interface of the family and business systems and its influence on individual, family and organizational outcomes in entrepreneurial and family businesses. 
It features distinguished speakers, including Yochi Cohen-Charash (Baruch College & The Graduate Center, CUNY, USA), Alfredo De Massis (Free U. Bozen, Bolzano, Italy & Lancaster University) and Ronald H. Humphrey (Lancaster University, UK) and roundtables led by experts in the field will follow for intensive dialogue to extend the discussion and reflect on papers submitted prior to the PDW.

Scholars from different disciplines are invited to attend our PDW and submit their research proposals via our platform. These papers will be eligible for feedback during the PDW and would be considered for publication to the Special Issue of Entrepreneurship Research Journal on the topic. 


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