A great keynote speech at the EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum

The Cross-Section of Household Preference

Written on 11 June 2019.

Harvard Professor John Y. Campbell shared his on-going research with the EDHEC PhD graduates last week at the PhD in Finance Forum.

His paper “The Cross-Section of Household Preferences” explains how differently people behave when they save for retirement and invest their wealth, shows if the differences reflect different income paths, or different preferences, and explores heterogeneity in preferences using administrative  data on the Swedish population of retirement savers.

This research work is a joint project with EDHEC faculty member Laurent Calvet, Francisco Gomes  from London Business School, and Paolo Sodini from the Stockholm School of  Economics.

Climate Risk, US/China Trade, Money Illusion, Scarcity Risk in Commodity Markets were the other topics showcased by PhD graduates and candidates at this third edition of the EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum.


More information on the PhD Forum at: https://www.edhec.edu/en/agenda/edhec-phd-finance-forum-2019

Doctoral Theses available at: https://www.edhec.edu/en/phd-finance/doctoral-theses


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