How further education can give new entrepreneurs a head start

As any budding entrepreneur knows all too well, it can be tempting to jump straight into your venture right away. But whether you are a young and ambitious entrepreneur or a seasoned professional who…
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30 Nov 2020

As any budding entrepreneur knows all too well, it can be tempting to jump straight into your venture right away. But whether you are a young and ambitious entrepreneur or a seasoned professional who wants to be your own boss, preparation is everything when starting your own business.

By undertaking further education before you dive in, you will lay the foundations for a successful business.


What is the best way to start your own business?

When youre starting your own business, you essentially have three options:

  1. You can jump in and figure things out as you go, learning from your mistakes. This entails a high risk of failure. Your lack of knowledge and experience can result in costly errors that may threaten the success of your business.
  2. You can go back to school full time. Although this will allow you to develop your skills and gain important new knowledge, it is also a huge time and money commitment. You will need to put your life on hold while you focus on your studies.
  3. You can take an online business programme. If you choose a high-quality online university programme from a recognised elite business school, youll not only gain a valuable qualification, but also have many opportunities to network with peers all over the world. This is a great launching point for a new business with the option to study part time and work from anywhere in the world, allowing you to continue leading your busy life. Online programmes are also generally more affordable than an on-campus, full-time degree.

Setting yourself up for success: Top benefits of further education for entrepreneurs

Gain a recognised qualification

You will gain a valuable qualification when you take a high-quality online university programme from an elite business school such as EDHEC.
In the hyper-competitive world of modern business, the right qualification helps set you apart from your peers and competitors, making you more attractive to clients, business partners, and potential investors.

The Msc in International Business Management is an excellent option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Not only does this cover the critical information you should know before starting your own business, but it also gives you a qualification that will make your CV stand out, whatever career direction you may choose to take in the future.

Opportunities to network with peers

When starting your own business, having an extensive network is one of the most valuable assets you can have. You can draw on your network to find clients, identify potential star employees, connect with suppliers, and explore new business opportunities.
New entrepreneurs can be at a disadvantage compared to their competitors because their network is not yet fully developed.

Taking a relevant course, whether in person or online, instantly connects you to dozens if not hundreds of people in your field, and you can leverage these connections to build your network.

This is particularly true when studying at a global business school like EDHEC here you will meet a large number of driven, ambitious entrepreneurs who could be your future partners, collaborators, investors, and mentors.

Develop skills and knowledge

Undoubtedly, experience is important and there are many things you can only learn on the job.
However, education equips you with essential skills and knowledge for the many challenges you will inevitably face as you embark on your business ventures.

For instance, EDHECs Msc in International Business can make you an expert in key management principles, how businesses operate globally, how global markets work, how to develop leadership in a cross-cultural environment, and a lot more.

EDHECs International Business masters degree is designed to help students develop global business and management skills through case-based learning, supported by a career development programme.

Furthermore, education allows you to develop a range of other skills, from time management and organisational skills to collaboration and big-picture thinking, all of which are critically important when starting your own business.


If you choose an online programme, you will find that this affords a great deal of flexibility. Online courses often allow you to study part time, meaning you do not have to make the huge commitment of a time-consuming full time course.

This flexibility gives you the freedom to fit your studies around your work, family, or other commitments. With EDHECs online courses, it only takes 15 months to get your masters, while studying just 10 to 15 hours a week.

With an online course, you will be able to continue to work in your current positions while studying in the evenings or on weekends, so youll keep earning money while you put yourself in a strong position to launch your business.

Taking the next step

EDHECs online degree programmes offer aspiring entrepreneurs the best of both worlds.
You will receive high-quality education and gain a recognised qualification, while having the flexibility of all online courses.

Our teaching methods are specifically adapted to online, with close work groups and keeping the human aspect intact to ensure you develop a range of skills and get the full benefits of higher education.

If you want to set yourself up for success when starting your own business while enjoying the flexibility of online study, check out our online programmes. We highly recommend the Msc in International Business Management for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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