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How MBAs can help reshape the business landscape fostering equality, diversity & inclusion

#InvestInWomen – for a more equal and inclusive economy

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8 Mar 2024
MBA cohort EDHEC

The theme that the United Nations have announced for this year’s International Women’s Day is Invest in women: Accelerate progress. According to the UN, to achieve equality in all aspects of life we need to address the key challenge of a $360 billion annual deficit in gender-equality measures by 2030.

Higher education, in particular MBAs, can help reshape the landscape of business leadership towards more inclusion and gender equality. A Master of Business Administration (MBA), whether it is a Global MBA, an Executive MBA or a specialised programme like the EMBA HIT, can play a pivotal role in fostering an environment conducive to gender parity and inclusivity within the global business sphere. In light of International Women's Day 2024, let's delve into the opportunities MBAs can offer women, empowering their careers for a more equal (business) world.

Empowering Diverse Perspectives

An MBA encourages diversity of thought and perspective by attracting a diverse cohort of talented individuals, including women from various cultural and professional backgrounds. This diversity enriches discussions, decision-making processes, and problem-solving approaches, contributing to a more inclusive and comprehensive business environment.


Cultivating Inclusive Leadership

The curriculum of an MBA actively addresses gender biases and fosters inclusive leadership qualities. By providing insights into gender dynamics, promoting diversity and inclusion strategies, and emphasising ethical leadership, the programme equips future business leaders with the mindset and skills necessary to create inclusive workplaces.

Women in MBAs – EMBA alumna on Paris campus

Creating a Supportive Network


The networking opportunities within a MBA programme transcend geographical boundaries, fostering a global network of professionals committed to gender equality. This network serves as a platform for mutual support, mentorship, and advocacy, empowering women to navigate challenges and ascend to leadership roles in a supportive environment.


Redefining Corporate Culture


Graduates of MBA programmes often assume influential positions in multinational corporations. Their exposure to diverse perspectives and inclusive leadership principles influences organisational culture positively. They champion diversity initiatives, implement inclusive policies, and pave the way for gender-balanced leadership structures and reducing barriers.


Driving Economic and Social Impact


A gender-equal business world, fostered by the influence of MBA graduates, contributes to broader economic and societal benefits. It enhances innovation, productivity, and profitability by leveraging the full potential of diverse talent. Moreover, it sets a precedent for social progress and serves as a catalyst for a more equitable society.


How EDHEC’s MBAs support talented women


To encourage and support gender diversity from the classroom to the boardroom, EDHEC offers generous scholarships for (future) women in leadership. An additional honorary award for Women of Impact can make a significant difference for talented Global MBA participants.




In conclusion, an MBA plays a pivotal role in fostering a gender-equal business world. By empowering diverse perspectives, cultivating inclusive leadership, creating supportive networks, redefining corporate cultures, and driving economic and social impact, this program serves as a linchpin in propelling the global business arena towards gender equality and inclusivity. The graduates of MBA programmes are poised to lead by example, effecting positive change, and shaping a future where gender parity is not just an aspiration but a fundamental component of successful and sustainable business practices.

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