How will FinTech change the future of financial services?

Written on 03 April 2019.

After Princeton and Seoul, EDHEC-Risk Institute, KAIST, Princeton and Tsinghua Universities – have been jointly participating for the third time in a conference on financial technologies that was just held in Paris on April 2, 2019.

Leading experts from the US, Asia and Europe were featured at the conference including, Professors Andrew Yao (Tsinghua University), Woo Chang Kim (KAIST), Lionel Martellini and Laurent Calvet (EDHEC Business School), and John Mulvey (Princeton University).

EDHEC-Risk Institute Director Lionel Martellini opened the conference with a presentation entitled “Mass Production, Mass Customisation and Mass Distribution of Improved Retirement Solutions with Digital Goal-Based Investing Technology”. In his talk, Professor Martellini provided new insights on the application of goal-based investing principles to the development of improved retirement solutions for individuals at various stages of their life-cycle. Lionel also discussed the benefits and challenges related to the industrialisation of the production, customisation and distribution of these solutions via digital platforms.

EDHEC faculty member Laurent Calvet showcased “What Do Large Datasets Reveal about Household Financial Decisions?”  This talk is a review of what we have learned about diversification, risk-taking, portfolio rebalancing, saving behavior, the risk and return characteristics of household balance sheets, and their implications for the dynamics of the distribution of wealth in society.

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