From Interdisciplinary to Intercultural Experience: Why I Chose the Global Master in Management -GETT

Liu Jiaru is a 2023 freshman in EDHEC's Global Master in Management - GETT. Her undergraduate major was International Finance and Marketing. Here, she shares her reasons for choosing EDHEC and the Master in management technology, along with her learning experience at EDHEC and future plans.

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26 Mar 2024
Liu Jiaru - Global Master in Management - GETT


On Choosing EDHEC and the Master in Management Technology


After a presentation of the school, I sensed its commitment to student success. Another reason was the attractiveness of the Global Master in Management - GETT programme. It has a strong international focus, allowing me to experience different cultures on three continents and explore possibilities in my life. Additionally, the programme combines business and technology, providing complementary technical knowledge to my business background, enhancing my competitiveness, and opening up new avenues for my career development.



On EDHEC Student Experience


What was your first impression when you arrived at EDHEC?

If we include the preparation stage before coming to France, my first impression came from the International Student Office (ISO), our programme coordinator and the Programme Director, Sébastien Dieuaide. They provided timely and high-quality responses to our questions. During the welcome day activities, the teachers had us draw our hometowns on the board for mutual understanding. Later, we went boating on the Seine River, which not only helped us get to know each other but also kicked off our trip to Paris. I found this activity very interesting and creative.


What are the teaching methods and content like in the Master in Management Technology?

During the semester in Paris, the emphasis is on stimulating thinking abilities rather than simply imparting knowledge. Moreover, the programme provides many opportunities to interact with industry professionals, including company visits, guest lectures, and working meals. For example, on the first official day of class, we had the CEO of Naver France come to the campus for a discussion, and I highly value these opportunities. Through these interactions, I hope to accumulate knowledge about various industries and positions to plan my future career path.



Was it easy for you to adapt to life and studies when you first came to France?

Because I had some foundation in French and enjoy Western cuisine, the adaptation process was relatively quick for me. I believe for Chinese students, the biggest difficulty is always the language, followed by the administrative efficiency in France. However, I think as long as you are willing to speak, whether in French or English, you can always find a way to communicate. Most French people are very friendly, and sometimes restaurant owners can tell that we don't understand the French menu. They might even go to the kitchen to bring out ingredients and explain to us.



On Future Plans and Application Advice



What are your future plans and aspirations (academic, professional, personal, etc.)?

I hope to fully utilize the school's business network and alumni resources to gain a broad understanding of various industries and positions. This will help me find the most suitable career direction and accumulate relevant industry experience. Next, I plan to validate and practice what I have learned through two internships. The school's Career Centre provides comprehensive career services, which will assist me in my career planning.



Any advice for students applying to the Master in Management Technology?

I think it is crucial to reflect on the relationship between yourself and EDHEC, and what you expect the programme to provide for you, as well as what you can bring to the programme. Additionally, carefully analyse your personal qualities, personality, and future career plans.


Liu Jiaru - Global Master in Management - GETT




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