Internships, challenges, personalised career guidance: Discover the Master in Management assets to propel you to a successful career

Explore Yogesh Sejwal's educational and professional journey from IHM Pusa to mastering Business Management at EDHEC. Discover the educational paths, internships, and experiences that shaped his career success.

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10 Apr 2024
Sejwal Yogesh - Master in Management - Business Management track


Yogesh Sejwal, an alumnus of IHM Pusa, Delhi, with a degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, embarked on an educational journey at EDHEC. He pursued the Master in Management – Business Management track and opted for the MSc in Marketing Management in his final year of the programme. Drawn to France for its cultural richness, student-friendly environment, and the high rankings of its business schools, Yogesh shares his insights into this transformative experience and how the programme played a crucial role in shaping his career path.


The EDHEC Experience – A curriculum Designed for Success


Why did EDHEC’s Master in Management – Business Management track stand out as the ideal choice for you? 

EDHEC’s Master in Business Management stood out for me as it offered a perfect blend of exploring career paths, acquiring holistic management skills and professional experience, and the opportunity to specialise in the final year.


The programme's combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application, strong industry connections, and a curriculum focused on tackling real-world challenges provided a strong foundation for my career aspirations. The faculty's interactive approach and readiness to support students further enriched my learning experience.


Professional Experience at EDHEC 


The Master in Management programme includes a one-year professional experience opportunity. How did your internships at Amadeus and Nissan contribute to your career goals?


My professional gap year, split between Amadeus and Nissan, was exceptionally rewarding. These two 6-month internships allowed me to immerse in multicultural environments and broaden my marketing expertise beyond advertising and social media. This experience was crucial in aligning with my career goals in marketing.


Career Aspirations and the Career Centre’s Role


How did EDHEC’s Career Centre assist in refining your career aspirations, especially towards brand management?

The Career Centre, dedicated to Business Management students, played a crucial role in my professional development. It guided me through evaluating internship opportunities, ensuring they aligned with my aspirations for a career in brand management.



The Sustainable Challenge 2023

Winning the Sustainable Challenge 2023 must have been a remarkable achievement. Could you share your experience? 


Participating in the EDHEC and Capgemini Sustainable Challenge was a significant highlight. The challenge underscored the importance of inclusivity and well-being, in addition to environmental sustainability. Working with students from diverse backgrounds, we found that simplicity could lead to impactful sustainable solutions. The recognition and the opportunity to bring our idea to life with EDHEC's support were profoundly impactful, exemplifying the school's commitment to making a real-world impact. Plus, winning electric bikes was a fantastic bonus.




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