It's here! Announcing the launch of EDHEC-Risk’s newly refreshed website

EDHEC-Risk is pleased to announce the launch of its refreshed website, dedicated to investment professionals who are looking for cutting-edge investment research and industry practices. Created in…
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21 Dec 2020

EDHEC-Risk is pleased to announce the launch of its refreshed website, dedicated to investment professionals who are looking for cutting-edge investment research and industry practices.


Created in 2001, EDHEC-Risk Institute has become the premier academic centre for industry-relevant financial research.


Through our multi-faceted programmes of research, outreach, education and industry partnerships, our ambition is to support industry players, both asset owners and asset managers, in their efforts to transition towards a novel, welfare-improving, investment management paradigm.


In the fast-evolving environment facing the investment industry, we thought it was about time our research centre’s website reflected our ambitions, and we have spent the past few weeks developing a brand new homepage that focuses on our two main areas of expertise: retirement investing and sustainable investing, to explore interrelated aspects of investment management and reflecting our motto #MakingFinanceUsefulAgain.


Retirement Investing


Retirement Investing


EDHEC-Risk Institute runs a strategic research programme on retirement solutions.

The available investment products distributed by asset managers or insurance companies

hardly provide a satisfying response to the needs of investors and households in retirement.

Academia can provide new insights into how best to design improved retirement solutions

with a focus on replacement income.






Sustainable Investing


Sustainable Investing


As part of our efforts to help investors and asset managers adequately deal with these new risk factors,

EDHEC-Risk Institute has launched an ambitious programme on sustainable investing that will explore

the impact of climate change on asset prices and examine the measurement and management of

climate-related risks in investors’ portfolios:


          1. Impact on Climate Change of Financing and Investment Decisions – Leading expert Gianfranco Gianfrate

          2. Impact of Climate Change on Asset Prices and Risk Management – Leading expert Riccardo Rebonato








Risk Premia Harvesting


Risk Premia Harvesting


But none of this expertise would have been possible without our extensive past research on Risk Premia Harvesting, a new section available on our website in the Knowledge Centre section, which offers insightful research (publication, indices, press articles) covering the following asset classes:

    * Equity

    * Fixed Income

    * Real Estate

    * Infrastructure

    * Hedge Funds

    * Commodities

    * Multi-Assets





Our publications library now has 3 different sections:

EDHEC Risk Publications















  • Academic Publications: the Institute systematically seeks to validate the academic quality of its research through publications in leading journals.
  • EDHEC-Risk Publications: to ensure that our financial research corresponds to the needs of the corporate world, we present our publications in such a way as to render the research conclusions as accessible as possible to finance professionals, by including clearly delineated introductions, conclusions and an executive summary.
  • Industry Publications: in this section, we provide an overview of news concerning the investment management industry in the form of a digest of recent issues in the media. We mainly present an overview of news that is being discussed across a broad number of industry publications. In addition, we cover a selection of themes which have caught our interest and on which we have commented.


We hope that you will enjoy browsing our updated website. Stay tuned: more research, outreach and education initiatives are forthcoming.


We value your feedback, please let us know what you think by email at [email protected]

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