(L'Usine Nouvelle) How companies are trying to attract the young graduates of the "Anthropocene generation"

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12 Oct 2022

The article published in French by Anne-Sophie Bellaiche in L'Usine Nouvelle, based on an interview with Manuelle Malot, begins as follows: "On 24 June, half of the Polytechnic students present in the Arago amphitheatre of the Observatoire de Paris for their graduation turned their backs on the video recorded by Patrick Pouyanné, the CEO of Total. He was, however, the sponsor of the class. Among young people, ecological awareness is growing and the demands on companies are becoming more and more pressing [...] "It's a wave of change that not all companies have yet grasped. Young people want to be actors of change, to find a social utility", explains Manuelle Malot, director of the EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre. And while not everyone wants to do agroforestry in the Tarn, the latest NewGen study shows that in management schools, for example, societal impact will be a decisive criterion for choosing a first job for 77% of students. Five years ago, only 10% of them were looking for a committed job, according to Manuelle Malot. The environment and the climate are at the top of the list of concerns."

  • To read this article (in French): follow this link
  • To see Manuelle Malot's personal webpage : click here
  • EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre : to know more about this centre, follow this link - to download the resport in French "NewGen NewJob - Baromètre des enjeux du premier emploi", click here

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