Marketing Analytics students tackled real data with new corporate partner, La Redoute

This year, the MSc in Marketing Analytics programme is proud to announce La Redoute as a new corporate partner. Students enrolled in the MSc in Marketing Analytics embarked on an exciting collaborative project as part of the Data Visualisation course, offering them a unique opportunity to tackle real-world data. Gauthier Boucher, an external lecturer, and Saumya Roy, a participating student, share their experiences and insights from this project.

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14 Feb 2024
msc in Marketing Analytics - La Redoute


Gauthier, could you describe the project with La Redoute and its significance in digitalisation and data analytics? 

The project served as a practical exploration into La Redoute's digital transformation, where the MSc in Marketing Analytics students applied data analytics to real-world business strategies. It involved an initial presentation by La Redoute, followed by student analyses of the company's data using Power BI, focusing on online visibility, SEO strategies, and the impact on sales growth and product promotion. The project culminated in a presentation of findings to La Redoute, allowing for a meaningful exchange of feedback.



What key skills and insights did MSc in Marketing Analytics students gain from this experience, and how did it prepare them for professional challenges?

Students gained technical skills in data visualisation and analysis, emphasizing data filtering for insight consistency. They also learned to communicate complex data clearly to non-experts, enhancing their critical thinking, decision-making, and presentation skills. These competences are essential for navigating professional environments, reflecting the project's goal of preparing students for real-world challenges.



How does the partnership with La Redoute enhance the MSc in Marketing Analytics students’ academic and professional journey?

The partnership provided a unique blend of academic learning and practical experience. Analysing real-world data and engaging with La Redoute's professionals offered students firsthand insight into the application of data analytics in business, sharpening their critical thinking and decision-making abilities. This experience made them more attractive to employers, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.



From an academic perspective, what unique opportunities does the La Redoute partnership offer Marketing Analytics students, especially regarding data analysis and its real-world application?

The partnership between La Redoute and the MSc in Marketing Analytics emphasizes the crucial integration practical experience with academic learning, preparing students for future challenges by highlighting the significant impact of data analysis on business decisions. It offers a hands-on understanding of data’s role in optimising marketing strategies and customer experiences, thereby equipping students with the skills needed for the modern business landscape.



How has the interaction with La Redoute’s professionals impacted students in the MSc in Marketing Analytics programme? 

It has provided invaluable insights into the marketing industry, including consumer behaviours and strategy alignment. For instance, the discovery of purchasing patterns tied to weekdays versus weekends offers a practical understanding of consumer decision-making, bridging the gap between classroom theory and business reality. The MSc in Marketing Analytics students appreciated the challenge of working with limited guidelines and real-world data, recognizing the value of such experiences in preparing them for professional scenarios. 



Saumya, could you share your personal experience with the La Redoute project and its impact on you? 

Working on this project was incredibly enriching. It highlighted the importance of multicultural teamwork and creativity, fostering a deeper understanding of global collaboration dynamics and enhancing problem-solving skills. Professionally, it broadened my understanding of global collaboration dynamics and the practical applications of data in business, significantly influencing my career aspirations in marketing analytics.



Saumya, what personal and professional growth did you experience through this project?

This project fostered growth in several areas.

Educationally, I acquired essential data analysis skills.

Professionally, I gained a deeper insight into the application of data in business strategies.

And personally, I learned valuable lessons in teamwork and faced real-world challenges, laying a solid foundation for my future in marketing analytics.



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