Master in Management: EDHEC launches the GETT™ track in partnership with UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business (California) and Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB (South Korea), three schools driving business transformation around the world

EDHEC Business School today announced the launch of the Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) track within its Master in Management programme, a track that will provide students with…
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1 Jun 2017

EDHEC Business School today announced the launch of the Global Economic Transformation & Technology (GETT) track within its Master in Management programme, a track that will provide students with core global business transformation skills and a unique immersive educational experience on three continents.
Rapid innovation, growing entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and other factors are driving extensive transformations within the business world and creating demand for new skills and managerial practices.
Responding to these pressing corporate needs, EDHEC’s GETT track is due to open within the School’s Master in Management programme in September 2017. Students enrolled in the GETT track will gain experience on three continents: Europe, Asia, North America, in cities at the forefront of these ongoing business transformations. The track is delivered in partnership with two prestigious institutions: Sungkyunkwan University SKK Graduate School of Business (MBA Programme ranked n°1 in Korea by the Financial Times) and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.
The curriculum prepares students particularly for careers in consulting, business development and innovation management.
EDHEC meets the expectations of tomorrow's decision makers. The GETT track is the only programme that combines global business transformations (Technology, Sustainable Development, Innovation & Entrepreneurship etc.) with a truly international immersive experience within the ecosystem of partner institutions.

Emmanuel Métais, who specializes in disruptive strategies, initiated the GETT track programme. Metais was recently appointed new Dean of EDHEC Business School.
“This curriculum affords our students a unique opportunity to grasp the future issues for the global economy, while experiencing at close hand the cities and ecosystems currently transforming the world. The new track is without equivalent at present and we thank our partners, SKK Graduate School of Business and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, for their enthusiastic commitment to this project,” says Emmanuel Métais, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, EDHEC Business School.

“This partnership with EDHEC is a wonderful opportunity for us. The GETT Programme fits beautifully with what we do here in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, where we offer one of the world’s strongest innovation and entrepreneurship programmes. We are looking forward to deepening this partnership over time,” says Richard Lyons, Dean of the Haas School of Business.
“We are very excited to be part of this groundbreaking programme with EDHEC and Berkeley. This unprecedented collaboration between world-leading business schools offers participants unique global experience on three continents,” adds Jae Ha Lee, Dean of SKK Graduate School of Business.




Highlights of the GETT track (3-year full-time programme taught entirely in English)

Master 1

S1: EDHEC Business School - Lille, France

>> Strategic Management: Principles and Practice, Corporate Finance, Cost Accounting & Management Control, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management

S2: SKK Graduate School of Business -  Seoul, Korea

>> Contemporary Korean Society and Culture, Business Ethics, Negotiations, Operations Management, Law for Global Business, Integrated Simulation Projects, Cross-Cultural Management

S3-S4: Professional Immersion


Master 2

S5-S6: Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley -  San Francisco Bay Area, USA

>> High Technology Marketing Management, Managing the New Product Development Process, The Lean Start Up, New Venture Finance, Opportunity Recognition: Technology & Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, Haas @ work



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