How EDHEC Supports and Integrates International Students: Sofia’s Journey

France has always been a sought-after destination for higher education. Its globally renowned business schools, rich culture, and diverse student community make it particularly appealing. Here, Sofia explains her decision to leave Peru and pursue an MSc in Marketing Management in France, how the international Student Office (ISO) assisted her, and her personal experiences and reflections on student life in France. 

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25 Jun 2024
Sofia Kong Pizarro - MSc in marketing management


Why France for your Master’s degree?


International Rankings and Quality of Education

I was especially impressed by the strong international rankings of French Business Schools, which affirmed my confidence in the quality of education I would receive - I would have access to high-quality education that is globally recognised. This recognition played a crucial role in affirming my confidence in choosing France for my advanced studies. 


Language and Cultural Immersion

Another compelling factor was the opportunity to study in English while simultaneously immersing myself in the French language and culture. This dual-language environment promised a rich, multifaceted educational experience. I saw it as a chance to enhance my linguistic skills and cultural understanding, both crucial for a career in marketing.


Benefits for International Students

France offers numerous benefits to international students, particularly in terms of housing and healthcare provisions. Also, individuals under the age of 26 enjoy various advantages regarding travel and entertainment, making the experience even more enriching and accessible.


Central Location in Europe


France's central location in Europe was another significant attraction. This strategic position allowed me to explore other European countries easily, broadening my horizons and gaining a deeper understanding of different cultures and societies. The ease of travel within Europe added a layer of excitement and adventure to my academic journey.



How did the International Student Office (ISO) assist you? 


Pre-Arrival Assistance


The International Student Office (ISO) at EDHEC played a crucial role in my transition to France. Following my acceptance, the ISO provided unique support, guiding me through visa requirements and essential relocation information. They offered suggestions for rental locations, transportation options, and other logistical details. Additionally, the ISO facilitated pre-arrival communication by creating international student groups, fostering a sense of community even before students arrived on campus.


Post-Arrival Support


Upon arrival, the ISO continued to play a vital role in my adjustment process. They assisted with cultural adaptation, provided comprehensive information about campus facilities, local amenities, and ongoing events. The ISO organised an international student integration day and other social gatherings, helping students immerse themselves in the vibrant school experience. These efforts ensured a smooth transition and a welcoming environment for all international students.



How did EDHEC help you overcome uncertainties you faced prior to arriving in France? 


Addressing Housing and Transportation Concerns


Before arriving in France, I faced uncertainties surrounding appropriate housing, navigating the logistics of commuting to the university, and other administrative documents. EDHEC played a pivotal role in addressing these concerns by offering comprehensive guidance on accommodation arrangements and providing insights into the local transportation system. The institution also facilitated networking opportunities, helping me integrate seamlessly into the new community.


Ongoing Assistance and Community Integration 


The support from EDHEC ensured that my transition to France was smooth and hassle-free. The institution's proactive approach in addressing common concerns faced by international students made me feel welcomed and supported. This comprehensive support system allowed me to focus on my studies and fully immerse myself in the enriching experience that EDHEC offers.



What personal experience can you share about your student life?


Engaging Activities and Networking Opportunities


I was genuinely impressed with the myriad of activities organised at EDHEC. Stepping out of classes to find a lively Mexican food truck or engaging in refreshing sports and cultural events added an element of excitement to my daily routine. The frequent networking opportunities, such as industry days and insightful talks with accomplished alumni, provided invaluable insights and connections for my future plans. These activities consistently enriched my student life, offering pleasant surprises and fostering a spirit of curiosity and mutual learning.


Active Engagement in School Associations


Being involved in various associations, taking up projects, and participating in extracurricular activities aligned perfectly with the dynamic ethos of the EDHEC community. This active engagement not only enriched my personal experience but also demonstrated my alignment with the vibrant spirit of the school


What do you enjoy most about the campus life in Lille?


Diverse Facilities and Green Surroundings


I thoroughly enjoyed the diverse facilities that EDHEC offers. The institution has meticulously considered every aspect of student life, providing conveniences such as day lockers for storing suitcases or sports bags for post-class travels. The array of dining options and various study spaces ensured a seamless experience. Additionally, the availability of a relaxation room and multiple sports classes, including a swimming pool, contributed significantly to the student experience.


Enhancing the Learning Environment


The green surroundings of the EDHEC's Lille campus created a peaceful atmosphere, greatly enhancing the overall learning environment. These elements combined to make my time at EDHEC enjoyable and productive, creating a favourable atmosphere for academic and personal growth.




Sofia Kong Pizarro - MSc in marketing management
25 Jun 2024
How EDHEC Supports and Integrates International Students: Sofia’s Journey
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Sofia's experience at EDHEC highlights the exceptional support from the International Student Office. From housing and transportation advice to cultural integration and social events, EDHEC made her feel at home. Her journey showcases the enriching and diverse student life at EDHEC. Ready to embark on your own adventure? 🌟👩‍🎓
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