Mastering your future: "Opting for the Master in Management - Finance track, I aim to pinpoint my career path during the gap year."

Discover the path to financial expertise and career excellence through EDHEC's distinguished Master in Management programme - Finance track, offering a unique blend of academic rigor, practical experience, and global exposure.

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3 Apr 2024
Xu Longyu - Master in Management - Finance track


Introduction to EDHEC's Master in Management - Finance track 


Xu Longyu completed his undergraduate studies in Finance. In 2023, he enrolled in the Master in Management programme - Finance track at EDHEC and was awarded the EDHEC China Alumni High Impact Scholarship. Here, he shares his journey of applying for EDHEC's Master in Finance Management and securing the scholarship. Additionally, he discusses key courses encountered during his studies at EDHEC and his experiences within the learning environment and campus life at the Nice campus.


Why EDHEC? The path to excellence in Finance


I chose EDHEC primarily for its Financial Times ranking and academic standing. I aspire to deepen my financial knowledge through studies here.


The strategic choice: Why did you choose the Master in  Management - Finance track ?


Selecting the Master in Finance Management programme, I aim to discern a more fitting career path through a gap year internship and expedite my career progression within this three-year programme.

I believe the Master in Finance Management programme's distinctiveness lies in affording first-time international students the opportunity for a professional gap year, facilitating overseas or preferred domestic internship placements. Finance-related internships can help clarify their specialised direction in the second year of the master's degree, enabling them to select a professional specialisation suiting their aspirations.



Inside EDHEC: A student's perspective



A curriculum designed for future leaders. 


In the Master in Finance Management programme, professors conduct case studies and analyses to deepen our comprehension. Additionally, some courses offer teaching assistants and exercise sessions to enhance understanding.


Course highlights: Bridging finance and sustainability


One particularly impactful course for me was "Science and Economics of Climate Change," my first exposure to ESG-related subjects. It extensively covers climate change causes and response methods, incorporating in-depth analysis merging regional economics and macroeconomic theories. Participating in this course, I acquired knowledge in constructing economic models integrating environmental externalities and various mainstream environmental protection measures.


Campus life on EDHEC's Nice Campus


The campus environment meets my expectations. Situated seaside in Nice, with its near-constant sunshine, studying is thoroughly enjoyable. I particularly appreciate the outdoor terrace design, offering scenic seaside views conducive to studying. Additionally, I utilise the school's music room to play the piano, helping alleviate study and life pressures.



About Scholarship Application


How did you learn about the EDHEC China Alumni High Impact Scholarship?


I became aware of this scholarship through the school's official WeChat account.



Is the process of applying for this scholarship complex?


The scholarship application process isn't overly intricate. Following application confirmation, I corresponded with Ms. Cai Yuting, International Recruitment Team, via email and submitted my application letter. Approximately a week later, I received notification for the scholarship interview.



How does receiving this scholarship help you?


Receiving the scholarship not only eases my tuition burden but also signifies recognition from the school and the Chinese Alumni Association. Moreover, it enhances prospects for future internships and employment, validating my capabilities.



Practical advice for prospective applicants


Preparing your application: Tips


The school's official website recruitment manual is clear and informative, aiding in the application process. Applicants should carefully review programme application information. During the process, articulate your fit with the programme, emphasising strengths and contributions.


Choosing your path:

Deciding between Finance, Business Management and Data Science is a significant choice for applicants. Clarity on career goals and personal strenght is essential in making a decision that aligns with one's aspiraions.



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