Maximizing the impact of the Global MBA on your career with with EDHEC MBA CareerSMART programme

Written on 23 March 2018.

Whether they consider changing function, sector or location, or starting their own business, moving forward in their career is a key motivator for managers to undertake an MBA degree. EDHEC Global MBA Career Services support them in their transformative journey with the innovative and highly personalized CareeSMART [RC1] programme. The impact of CareerSMART [RC2] in terms of career development and salary progression contributes to EDHEC Global MBA being ranked 4th MBA in the world in terms of return on investment by the Financial Times.

With an average work experience of 7,5 years and average age of 30 [RC3] years old, EDHEC Global MBA participants are at a moment in their lives and careers where they are looking to make changes and accelerate.

"After several years of seizing opportunities and being promoted, MBA participants want to start making their own choices, to create their own opportunities. They need to take a step back, to understand what they want and how to get there."
Sandra Richez, EDHEC Global MBA Programme Director, Head of Careers.

To help them move their career to the next level, EDHEC offers a focused and proactive programme that is fully integrated into the Global MBA curriculum. Its name, CareerSMART, is an acronym that reflects the multi-dimensional support it provides:

S for "Self-access": through individual career coaching sessions and group-based assessments, participants get to define who they are and what they want;
M for "Make a career business plan": EDHEC Global MBA Career Services work closely with participants to help them decide on a post-graduation professional project and what strategy they must implement to get there;
A for "Acquire job market knowledge": participants get in touch with the reality of the job market in their chosen field and learn to conduct an efficient job search, leveraging different online tools;
R for "Revitalize your network": Career Services assist participants in actively networking with other companies and MBA alumni, then follow-up with them to make sure any opportunity leads to a meaningful professional situation;
T for "Target your job search": students participate in job fairs, meet with partner firms, and when they do apply for a job, Career Services guide them through updating their CVs, filling out application forms and preparing interviews.

Helping participants to help themselves

One of the key strengths of CareerSMART is the importance given to individual coaching, from the very start of the programme until after it is finished.

"With coaching, participants can expect to be challenged. They are asked important questions about their career choices, so they can move towards action and start putting into place what they have been dreaming about. The role of our coaches is really to help participants help themselves." Sandra Richez

The success of Career SMART as a tool for personal and professional transformation can be measured by the impact it has had on participants: 59% of 2016 MBAs made the “triple jump” after they graduated, changing function, sector and location, and 86% made at least one change in their career after the MBA.


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