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Meet an Alumnus: Enriching electives taught by industry-aligned professionals


In 2022, Suyang Kong joined the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking programme at EDHEC and was awarded the "Future Chinese Alumni Scholarship." One year later, he shares his study and life experience at EDHEC with us.

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2 Nov 2023
Suyang KONG - MSc Corporate Finance & Banking


Can you talk about your academic experience in the MSc Corporate Finance & Banking?


My 18-month in the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking has provided me with a very positive academic experience.

In terms of course scheduling, the fall semester offered essential knowledge in various finance subfields. In particular, Professor Hamid's core course was rich in content and well-structured, making it very engaging. Additionally, guest lecturers were invited to present the same topic from different perspectives, allowing us to understand finance with a global perspective. What's commendable is that he also taught us how to address the mindset issues associated with financial gains, which was very insightful.

In the spring semester, we participated in the school's emphasis on sustainable finance courses and began to have elective credits. This allowed me to delve deeper into individual employment markets. Personally, I chose to study two courses in venture capital and investment banking. For me, the elective courses phase was the most enjoyable period.

We are given the opportunity to tailor our master's degree by choosing five electives from over 12 courses. These elective courses are taught by highly professional instructors, who are aligned with the real needs of the job market. Furthermore, these courses are relatively short but content-rich, which I personally appreciate as it's a compact and efficient teaching method.


How is studying on EDHEC's Nice Campus?


The campus is compact and convenient. It is well-equipped and features a seaside terrace that makes it even more pleasant. Compared to the UK and Germany, life in France is more interesting and romantic


In what ways do you feel you have changed since joining the MSc in Corporate Finance and Banking?


I still have a strong interest in the primary financial markets, even though the mystery has diminished considerably after a year of study. However, a deeper understanding of the European financial employment market has made my perspective more international, which provides important reference points for my future employment or study locations.


Who do you think this programme is suitable for?


After a year of study, I believe the MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking is suitable for young job seekers with some experience in the finance field who aspire to develop their career in corporate finance.



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