Meet an Alumnus: how EDHEC helped me land my dream job

Ezra Muluri graduated from EDHEC Business School Finance Track in 2019. From his arrival in France to his career in Monaco, Ezra shares his journey at EDHEC and beyond. You recently graduated from…
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30 Nov 2021

Ezra Muluri graduated from EDHEC Business School Finance Track in 2019. From his arrival in France to his career in Monaco, Ezra shares his journey at EDHEC and beyond.


You recently graduated from EDHEC MiM Finance, what are the main highlights of your academic experience?

My EDHEC experience started in 2016 with the MiM-Finance Track and finished in M2 with an MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking. I graduated in 2019. Speaking of highlights, every day I spent at EDHEC Business School sparkled, not only the thought-provoking lectures which were given by the most prestigious faculties and industry experts but also the team projects working with my talented and passionate peers. Not to mention the exciting Talent Identification/Career Development program (EDHEC Career Booster now) and recruitment events, which further strengthened my skills to prepare for the next chapter in my career.

Academically, EDHEC Business School always provides an open space for discussion both inside and outside the classroom. The professors always encourage us to explore the landscape beyond the textbook. EDHEC Business School also provides numerous resources such as the Bloomberg Trading Room, which equip us with the essential skills before we step into the professional world.


What was your favourite course and why?

Definitely the Introduction to Derivatives, which was lectured by Professor Laurent Deville. As a student with Liberal Arts background (and yes, I majored in English Literature during my university study), attending such a quantitative course could be extremely challenging!  But Professor Deville understands that his students are from different cultural and academic backgrounds and was willing to adjust his pace to accommodate the learning pace for all students. His lectures were always interesting and intuitive. The homework was always well-designed to help us understand the concepts. Most importantly, he was always happy to show us Excel tricks, which I later realised were super valuable during my internships. Professor Deville always encouraged us to ask questions and was super responsive. That’s why this course has deeply impressed me.


You received support from the International Students Office all along your years at EDHEC. Can you describe this support?

Honestly, I don’t know where to start, because the ISO has been helping me A LOT during and even after my student life at EDHEC Business School. Before I landed in Nice, ISO already helping me and my international fellows to find super reasonable-priced apartments with great locations. No matter how many questions I asked, they were always super patient and nice to me, answered all the questions I had. Dealing with immigration and local government agencies can be very challenging for international students who don’t understand the system or don’t speak fluent French. ISO always helped us when we had questions regarding the medical system, medical insurance, insurances, immigration check, visa status update... The ISO team always treats us like family members, giving us kind advice and producing numerous presentations to help us better understand the situation. I have friends from other business schools, none of them were being cared for like us at EDHEC Business School. When I graduated in 2019, I had questions regarding applying for a work permit in France and in Monaco. The ISO team still offered me its huge support in terms of understanding the latest immigration policies and helping me get appointments with the local prefecture. If there was a rating system for ISO, I’d definitely say 500 out of 100!


You joined Azura in Monaco. Can you tell us about your job? How did EDHEC MiM prepare you for this position?

I joined Azura Monaco in 2020, right after my journey with Credit Suisse Private Banking. My current job title is Assistant Client Advisor, which mainly consists in helping Ultra High Net Worth families and financial institutions to allocate their assets globally, helping them to find new investment opportunities in public and private markets, providing financing solutions for real estate and private placements.

EDHEC Business School provided rigorous academic training in financial markets and economics, which paved a solid foundation for us to understand the financial markets. The well-designed curriculum is absolutely stunning with its combination of classroom lectures and hands-on internship experience. At the beginning of each semester, the Career Day sessions are great opportunities to help us get access to the job market and speak with the recruiters and professionals from prestigious financial institutions directly. The TI/CD event helped us to evaluate our capabilities and to find our potentials. The ad-hoc career events are also super helpful. EDHEC Business School always invites influential speakers from the industry and share their market insights with us.

The 1 on 1 consultation with career advisors contributed massively during my job searching period. The EDHEC Career advisors gave me impartial opinions and prepared me with mock interviews, which eventually helped me to land my dream job.


How did the EDHEC network help you in your career?

EDHEC Business School has a massive alumni network around the globe, the school is always encouraging us to reach out to the alumni via the online contact book and the alumni are nice and responsive, always willing to help, which is truly amazing. Talking to seasoned alumni really helped me gain insights into the industry and provided me with super valuable advice. Now I’m a junior mentor to some EDHEC students, I always want to pass this “sharing” heritage to my fellow students and help them to make an impact in their future.


Can you describe in 3 words your EDHEC experience?

Encouraging, growth, and lifetime experience.

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