Meet an Alumnus: The MSc in Management & Leadership taught me to work quickly and deliver to the highest standards

Johnny Janary graduated with an MSc in Management & Leadership from EDHEC Business School in 2021. He shares how the Masters’ degree helped shape the young professional he is today. You have…
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14 Dec 2021

Johnny Janary graduated with an MSc in Management & Leadership from EDHEC Business School in 2021. He shares how the Masters’ degree helped shape the young professional he is today. 


You have graduated from EDHEC Business School with an MSc in Management & Leadership in 2021. What are the main highlights of this academic experience?

From the start and until its completion, the journey in the MSc has been remarkable, especially considering the fact that all took place in unprecedented and unimaginable times. Despite the Covid-19 context, I personally saw only the opportunities for growth and adaptability in a world that is constantly shifting.

The main highlights of the program? First of all, I would like to mention intensive group work. You truly learn to cooperate in different contexts and with people from diverse backgrounds. I really appreciated this, because it’s more or less how corporations operate: a business problem emerges and a group of individuals with different backgrounds works together to find the best response to tackle the issue.

The second point worth mentioning is the program itself which comprises key modules that allow us to learn the fundamentals of business management and strategic decision-making – starting from the financials & accounting and moving to operations, marketing strategy, HR management & data analysis. Eventually, getting to know all this in tandem with the external business environment will enable us to shape the most suitable business strategy in a given context.

Thirdly, particular modules and seminars prepare you for the real world through simulation experiences that pertain to job interviews, which means we can see recruitment from both the interviewer and interviewee perspective, entrepreneurial pitches, coaching, leadership, and team building – all of which are invaluable.

Last but not least, the people. In a program like this one, I had the opportunity to meet people from almost every continent, interact with them and discover their perceptions about the world and about business. The students and the professors you will meet can give contribute to new ideas and inspirations to help your personal growth.


You are a Process Executive at Cognizant in Ireland. What can you tell us about your missions? How has the MSc in Management & Leadership prepared you for your role?

As a process executive at Cognizant, I work for a specific project within the digital operations unit of the firm, where I deal with numerous problems that pertain to businesses’ navigation in client’s technology platforms on a daily basis. My role is to analyse the context of each case (country, policies, etc.), track down the issues, and quickly make the right decisions contributing to the efficiency of the digital platform. Through our work, we help provide enough accurate data, so that algorithms for machine learning can be created and the decision-making in the field be automated, saving time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

My MSc program instilled in me the following idea and attitude: “work quickly and deliver to the highest standards”. Through all the courses, training, and assignments, I had to process a lot of information in a limited time and make the best decisions. I had to solve complex problems and deliver with quality, always. This is pretty much a work ethic all the companies are looking for, and I feel lucky I was part of this. But beyond the technical skills, I think the program sharpens one’s ability to work in teams, take initiatives and be ready to confront unexpected challenges in the job market.


In conclusion, three words to sum up your MSc experience:

The 3 words I would use, to sum up, the experience from this program would be challenging, exciting, and enlightening.


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