MSc in Data Anatytics & Artificial Intelligence: an impactful choice

What is your education prior to the MSc? I did a French classe préparatoire at Lycée Faidherbe in Lille. I made this choice because at the end of high school, I did not know what to do. But I quickly…
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8 Jul 2020

What is your education prior to the MSc?

I did a French classe préparatoire at Lycée Faidherbe in Lille. I made this choice because at the end of high school, I did not know what to do. But I quickly realised that I did not want to join an engineering school.  

Why did you choose the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence?

I chose this MSc for the learning experience it provides. To me, it is the MSc where the outcome is the most important. It is also the most challenging one in terms of work and involvement.

We have the opportunity to learn and discover topics that are usually reserved for engineering school such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. I was very eager to learn new things, so the choice was obvious. I really wanted my last year at EDHEC to have a huge impact on my knowledge and my professional career.

Moreover, during my gap year, I worked as a Data Analyst at Planity, a young Software as a Service start-up and I really enjoyed working with data solutions and data visualization tools such as Tableau Software. I knew that choosing the MSc Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence would provide me high-quality courses with these tools. I also realised that I wanted to work in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence, so this MSc was the best fit for me.

When I was in classe préparatoire, I really enjoyed mathematics, statistics and programming and these are the fields that we study in this MSc. To me, this MSc is the perfect bridge between an engineering path and a business one.

Besides, the MSc DA & AI provides us a unique training with Le Wagon, and I was kind of interested in discovering web-development, not for my professional career, but for my curiosity. It was two intensive hard work months, but an amazing learning experience with outstanding outcomes. 

What are the highlights and main takeaways for you of this experience?

We had the opportunity to work with real business cases and challenges such as a Hackathon with SutterMills (now Accenture) and Burger King, a challenge with IBM and Bouygues Telecom, and finally the Data Viz Challenge with Tableau and UNICEF. I won the Data Viz Challenge!

Working on real challenges prepare us to what really await us at the end of schools. This kind of learning is clearly the main takeaway of this experience.

Le Wagon is also one of the best experiences of this MSc, it has a unique teaching method, and provides us all the required skills to start developing websites.

What are the main skills you have acquired and how do you think it will help you in your career?

One of the main skills I have acquired is Machine Learning coding. At the beginning of the year, I had no clue about how to code Machine Learning algorithm, and now I can implement these kind of algorithm and even more complicated ones using Deep Learning. It will surely help me in my career as I want to work in Business Intelligence and Data Science, and I am pretty sure that at some point I will have to develop these kinds of algorithm.

What are your job aspirations?

Luckily for me, I managed to find a permanent contract during the Covid-19 period.

I started on June 1st, as an EMEA Business Intelligence Analyst in Risk and Resilience at Amazon.


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