#MyMBAStory – Levelling Up with Nintendo – Patricia Segil Palacios, EDHEC Global MBA alumna

Patricia planned to get a French MBA and return home to Peru, but an opportunity at Nintendo in Germany opened doors she couldn’t resist. Want to learn how EDHEC’s Global MBA prepared her for a career at this leading video game empire? Here is her #MBAStory.

Written on 16 June 2021.

Patricia’s plan was to move to Europe, get her MBA degree and return home. An executive education was supposed to level up her career, but instead, it changed it completely. Now, she’s living in Germany and working in an industry she never would have expected: video games. 

EDHEC has an extensive alumni network of 40,000 worldwide. As an alumna herself, Patricia was invited to speak at the annual Alumni Day. This event connects the current Global MBA cohort with graduates. Via sessions and networking, alumni share their unique stories and help guide candidates entering the job market.  

Patricia recently shared her story. Keep reading to learn why she chose an MBA, how she got her job at Nintendo, and for advice to others looking to make it to the next level of their careers.


How a Global MBA at EDHEC opened career opportunities 

Originally from Lima, Peru, Patricia always wanted to move to Europe. The time abroad would let her explore international business while expanding her global network. After her 10-month, intensive Global MBA programme, she planned to return back to South America. 

However, her own advice inspired her to stay: “Be open to opportunities you didn’t plan for,” Patricia recommended. She experienced first-hand how an MBA in France can change your career and your life

When her Global MBA programme was finishing and she began searching for jobs, she targeted permanent positions. However, she started at Amadeus as a Business Operations and Planning intern because she wanted to see where it would lead.  

Working at one of the largest companies in the south of France with an MBA internship, Patricia opened the gateway to Europe. Eventually, a LinkedIn job posting from Nintendo caught her eye. She applied and the rest is history.


What’s it like working for Nintendo? 

As a Financial Analyst, Patricia now works for Nintendo of Europe based in Frankfurt, Germany. She explained how her team members all come from such diverse backgrounds, it reminds her of her diverse MBA class. 

Not everyone working at Nintendo has a background in gaming, including Patricia. Her new job there exposed her to this totally new industry - and she loves it. 

“The video game industry is not predictable,” she said. “It’s always pushing and evolving. It’s great to be involved in a world where brands truly find their creative edge and push past it.” 

Another reason Patricia enjoys working at Nintendo is that her team is particularly open to sharing knowledge and supporting one another. They want to include one another in projects. This team mentality ensures that everyone is succeeding.


Patricia’s career advice for landing your dream job post-MBA

She credits her job at Nintendo to “always staying alert.” While job hunting during and after her MBA programme, she had her ear to the ground continuously looking for any and all opportunities, like her internship at Amadeus. 

Patricia said she continuously tweaked her CV and asked her peers for feedback. It’s important to constantly improve your profile to fit the European market and prove to the company how you fit them. 

“During an interview, you need to recognize what they need as a company and prove how you as a candidate can solve it,” Patricia advised. “And of course, be unique and be honest. A little personality while interviewing goes a long way.” 

For example, Patricia marketed her adaptability skills during her Nintendo interview. She had worked in many different industries, starting from zero each time. She proved that she was adaptable, able to learn quickly, and deliver value and results from day one. 

Patricia reminded the MBA candidates that it’s important to recognize your personal, soft skills in addition to all the intellectual tools the programme teaches you. Personal marketing during the interview process helps position you as a team member, not just another applicant.


Ready for a career change? 

Whether you are looking for a change in your career or to advance your professional skills, seeking a Global MBA can help. An international executive education like EDHEC’s Global MBA expands your network, opens doors to some of the world’s leading brands, and prepares candidates for the competitive job market. 

EDHEC’s Career Services is dedicated to empowering students to find their dream jobs. That’s why The Economist 2021 Rankings listed EDHEC’s Global MBA as 3rd worldwide in Opening New Career Opportunities (and 7th overall). 

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