Online EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum – Date announced!

Written on 02 March 2021.

Each year, we normally hold the EDHEC PhD IN FINANCE FORUM in London where our PhD candidates and graduates present their research to academics and finance practitioners. The pandemic makes it impossible to meet face-to-face therefore, to allow remote participation, we are organizing the forum online on 26 May 2021 welcoming a more international audience.

EDHEC’s PhD in Finance programme has two objectives: to be academically excellent and make a difference in finance and business practice.  An academically rigorous programme tailored specifically to the needs of the finance professional.

Our experience running the PhD programme over the last ten years strongly suggests that experienced professionals with a strong academic background are capable of high-quality academic research with potential to make a difference in both academia and practice.

Successful completion of a PhD from students who combine a full-time job with the many challenges of academic study requires discipline, motivation, perseverance, tenacity and tremendous determination.  We are, therefore, especially proud of all our 60 graduates and their publication record of 53 research papers in top academic and professional journals. 

This year, the digital edition of the EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum will share the research findings of five of our PhD candidates and graduates, fostering interaction between practitioners and faculty. Topics will include the potential impact of sustainable investing, sentimental habits in asset pricing, strategic trading in a short-lived information environment, the relation between short-sale constraints and equity option returns, and value investing.

We are extremely grateful to Professor Darrell Duffie (Stanford) for agreeing to be the keynote speaker of our upcoming event with a talk entitled “Reforming the U.S. Treasury market -- Lessons Learned from the Covid Crisis”.

Full programme will be available and registration will start at the end of March at EDHEC PhD in Finance Forum 2021 | EDHEC Business School

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