Orange Jeunes Talents Challenge, an EDHEC team on the podium

Congratulations to Louis Roussel (MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence), Auriane Dubernet (MSc in Creative Business & Social Innovation), and Paul Kersimon (MSc in Global & Sustainable Business) for securing third place in the Orange Jeunes Talents challenge. Their impactful environmental solution in the digital domain, named “Soshtainable”, involves choosing Wi-Fi over 5G by users in order to reduce the carbon footprint of mobile solutions. 

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12 Mar 2024
Orange Jeunes Talents


Could you tell us about the Orange Young Talents Challenge, its goals and how your team was selected for the final?


The Orange Jeunes Talents Challenge aimed to tackle the sustainability issue of digital emissions. Our project, “Soshtainable,” proposed leveraging Wi-Fi as a more environmentally friendly alternative to 5G emissions. Our team made it to the finals among 150 students from various schools, including business, design, and engineering institutions. Our proposal, backed by a detailed report and a concise presentation video, stood out as one of the top proposals. This challenge provided a real-world context to apply my knowledge, with the ultimate goal of making a meaningful contribution to digital sustainability.


Orange Jeunes Talents


In what ways did participating in the Orange Jeunes Talents Challenge contribute to your skills development?

Participating in the Orange Jeunes Talents Challenge significantly enhanced my teamwork, time management, and presentation skills. By addressing digital sustainability issues, I applied my ability to collaborate effectively across diverse viewpoints, thereby strengthening my interpersonal skills.

Engaging in practical case studies sharpened both my technical and interpersonal abilities, fostering adaptability, innovation, and the capacity to manage diverse interactions. Moreover, this experience further improved my presentation skills, emphasizing the importance of clear and effective communication when addressing an audience.



Can you share a memorable moment from the challenge?

The feedback session during the finals was particularly memorable. It was a privilege to benefit from the expertise of ten Orange senior professionals who were totally dedicated during two months to coach our EDHEC teams. The jury's recognition of our project's significance and innovation, along with the encouragement and interest from attendees, including industry experts, was incredibly rewarding. The process of compiling our submission and reflecting on our teamwork also stood out as a significant achievement. 


In what ways did the MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence contribute to overcoming the Orange Jeunes Talents Challenge?

The MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence programme enriched my analytical approach to data analysis, which was essential for effectively addressing the challenges of the project. Thanks to the hands-on approach of the programme, I learnt to master several concrete tools, such as Python coding, helpful for the project.


How will this experience benefit your future career aspirations?

This challenge has potentially opened doors to recruitment opportunities with Orange, especially within their Graduate programme. It highlighted my analytical and creative talents, which are highly valued in the job market. I aim to pursue a career in technology sales, utilising my communication and presentation skills.



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