The Parisian lifestyle: a cultural immersion for EMBA participants

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8 Feb 2024
Paris for EMBA participants

There are many reasons why ambitious professionals decide to enrol in an Executive MBA programme: to fast-track their career to the next level, prepare for a significant change of direction or take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Studying for an EMBA, with cutting-edge academic insights and a focus on evolving technology is often a means of gaining a more strategic perspective and developing a deeper understanding of the challenges of international business. Or it may provide an opportunity to take some time out, learn from experts outside their industry, and network with an international cohort before returning to the workplace with a broadened mindset, reinvigorated and ready to innovate.


For any or all of these reasons, choosing to gain an Executive MBA (EMBA) in Paris isn't only about rigorous academics – it's about challenging perspectives and accessing a global network that transcends cultural or national limits. EDHEC's 16-19 month EMBA unites professionals from diverse professional and national backgrounds in Paris, the financial, political and cultural epicentre of Europe, to enrich their personal and professional transformation journey.

Find inspiration in a historic city


EDHEC's EMBA curriculum is designed to offer maximum convenience, especially for the many international participants who travel to the campus in central Paris to participate in the 4-day learning modules.


Despite the intensive nature of the programme, exploring the attractions of the City of Lights is a must-do. Between sessions, participants find time to make the most of their time in this unique city and immerse themselves in the richness of Parisian life and culture.


From the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, rising from the ashes of the catastrophic 2019 fire, to the startling modernist architecture of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris's monuments chronicle centuries of change.


Beyond the architecture, the city's fabric offers insights into the interpretations of leadership through the centuries. Take, for instance, the Bastille, a testament to how radical ideas spread and the dynamics of change. The grand boulevards that divide the city express the vision of Baron Haussmann, who transformed Paris forever.


History is everywhere. Exploring the streets where revolutions ignited and crises were overcome becomes more than a nostalgic trip as participants consider how echoes of historical leadership strategies can still be found in contemporary boardrooms.


Yet Paris is a vibrant city that is always eager to face the future. Evidence of the city's bold response to contemporary issues is easy to find. As hosts of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the city has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50% compared to previous editions and offsetting unavoidable emissions, becoming the first Games to proactively contribute to addressing the climate crisis.

Study in a cosmopolitan environment


With over two million residents, Paris is Europe's most diverse city. Around 20% of Parisians are first-generation immigrants, underscoring the city's cosmopolitan character. The influx of 20 million plus international visitors each year also contributes to Paris's status as a global melting pot.


The city is undoubtedly a powerhouse on the international political and business stages. Global organisations, from UNESCO and the European Space Agency to the International Chamber of Commerce and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) are headquartered in Paris.


As the economic epicentre of Europe, leading corporations from LVMH to Airbus base their European headquarters here. An ambitious €30 billion plan to invest in France’s ‘high tech champions of the future', in sectors including robotics, semiconductors, electric cars, and renewable energy sources is also making the city a magnet for start-ups and potential unicorns.


La Défense, Paris's dynamic financial district, is not only celebrated for its iconic Grande Arche, and striking avant-garde architecture. As one of Europe’s most important business centres, it is a magnet for global businesses, attracting the cream of international talent.


In this thriving financial, cultural and intellectual hub, it's no surprise that by choosing an MBA in Paris, you'll transform the conventional academic narrative into a far richer experience.


Reflecting this exciting mix, EDHEC’s EMBA in Paris represents a microcosm of the city's dynamic composition, bringing together a cohort of professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds ready to exchange ideas and share their unique perspectives.

For example, our latest 42-strong EMBA cohort includes professionals of 14 different nationalities, with an average age of 38, and 13 years of professional experience, and women making up 45% of the group.  


This cultural and gender diversity offers an unmissable opportunity to build an international network and gain insights into leading, collaborating, strategising, and empathising with individuals from varied cultures and backgrounds. 

Enhance your cultural experience


There is no doubt that the monthly group sessions and project work are rigorous and demanding. However, Paris's cultural tapestry serves as an enriching backdrop when it’s time to take a well-earned break.


Beyond the must-visit staples such as the Louvre, lesser-known treasures like the Musée de l'Orangerie and innovative spaces such as the Palais de Tokyo provide direct access to evolving modes of artistic expression, perhaps helping to cultivate an open mindset receptive to navigating diverse business landscapes.


From the vivid street art to the diverse music genres resonating in venues such as La Bellevilloise, Paris offers a rich canvas of contemporary cultural expression.


Fashion, intrinsic to Parisian identity, extends beyond runways to permeate the dynamic street-style scene. Exploring the chic boutiques of Le Marais and trendsetting districts such as the 11th arrondissement, opportunities abound to explore how street fashion intersects with global trends.


And of course, Paris’s amazing food culture extends way beyond classical French haute cuisine with restaurants and eateries reflecting the tastes of the city’s diverse population.


In short, immerse yourself in this fantastic city's cultural and intellectual opportunities and the benefits of your EMBA will extend beyond simple academic enrichment. Your time in Paris will create indelible memories as exposure to its fascinating history and contemporary life will form part of a truly global educational experience.

Pursue your EMBA in Paris


Are you ready to immerse yourself in an enriching and diverse cohort that offers opportunities to experience everything that Europe’s most cosmopolitan city has to offer? To access an international professional network, and benefit from lifelong learning, inspiration, and support?


“Starting the EMBA has been the best decision I made in the past 5 years… the interactions with the cohort have a tremendous impact and value, giving me insights I would otherwise never have. I felt supported by my peers to be the best version of myself. It is so inspiring’ Sara Van Leuven, EDHEC Executive MBA 2023, Founder and General Manager, Renohu.


EDHEC’s triple-accredited EMBA has earned accolades with the highest overall graduate satisfaction rating in the world, with a remarkable score of 9.86 out of 10. Reflecting the value and impact of the programme and its ability to meet participants' expectations, it also highlights the relevance of the subjects covered in terms of employability and as a springboard to career transformation.


Finally, this rating is a testament to the life-changing experiences that will be enhanced by a sojourn in the unforgettable city of Paris.




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