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Re-invent your career with the EDHEC Global MBA

Join us as Spencer Hamilton and Jennifer Pasquier from EDHEC's Career and Corporate Services share how our unique career support services help transform Global MBA participants' career paths.

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22 Aug 2023

Explore how the Global MBA Career and Corporate Services pave the way for our MBAs to achieve their professional ambitions through tailored career support. Listen as they share the exciting opportunities participants get to connect with top-level executives, solve real-world business challenges through initiatives like the Global MBA Hackathon, and showcase their capabilities through job shadowing and exclusive events. Get a glimpse into the rich diversity of our participants and how we help each one pursue their unique career goals, whether it is a change in role, sector, country, or all of the three.


Spencer: My name is Spencer Hamilton and I’m Head of MBA Career and Corporate Services here at the EDHEC Global MBA.

Jennifer: Hi my name is Jennifer Pasquier. I'm part of the Career and Corporate Services at EDHEC.

Spencer: Our role is to provide individual career services to each one of our MBAs. So we designed Careersmart to give our MBAs the best possible opportunity to find the job that they want. And it stretches from individual coaching to understanding and assessing the markets which they want to go in, understanding the unique value proposition that they have, and then right through to the targeting and the networking that they need to do to secure their roles.

Jennifer: The MBA students get to meet and interact with top-level executives, people that they wouldn’t have the opportunity to interact with in other situations.

Spencer: What I really want our MBAs to do is to demonstrate their capabilities. And there are lots of different ways that they can do that on their own. But also things that we do to help them do that. The Hackathon is a short and intense challenge in which our MBAs can demonstrate their capabilities by solving business issues brought by our partner companies.

Spencer: The job shadowing that we do, things like Amazon Days, all of these are designed to enable our MBAs to demonstrate the capabilities that they have to organisations that are interested in them.

Jennifer: Hiring is long and costs money. In partnering with EDHEC, companies have the opportunity to meet new people and see them in action.

Spencer: All of our MBAs are very different. They have their own goals and desires. Having said that, when they leave EDHEC, around 20 percent of them go into the technology sector, followed by consulting and financial services. So some of our MBAs are looking for a change of role, some are looking for a change of sector, others are looking for a change of country. Some of them would like to change all three. That’s something known as the triple jump, what Forbes magazine calls the ultimate act of reinvention.


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