Read the 8th issue of our EDHEC Vox newsletter

This month in the #EDHECVox newsletter, our professors and researchers present their thoughts on the way social media and AI could help promoting learning, exchange and innovation: "LinkedIn, ChatGPT, Slack: using them less... or using them better?".

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21 Jun 2024
Read the 8th issue of our EDHEC Vox newsletter

EDHEC Vox, our knowledge-sharing platform, aims to contribute to public debate, encourage critical thinking and develop innovation within companies.


These articles and interviews are part of an active dissemination policy of the knowledge produced in a wide range of fields: sustainable finance, digital, entrepreneurship, ethics, leadership, law, management, marketing, strategy, etc.


Social media - and increasingly AI - are at the heart of the new 'attention economy', where the interests of some collide with the fatigue of others. So, how can we make the most of these technologies to promote learning, exchange and innovation? Using them better, using them differently: that's what our professors are inviting us to explore in this new issue.


In English - "LinkedIn, ChatGPT, Slack: using them less... or using them better?"

En français - "LinkedIn, ChatGPT, Slack : les utiliser moins... ou les utiliser mieux ?"


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