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Register to the first MOOC of the UNESCO Chair hosted by EDHEC

Can we learn to “face the unknown”? In their new online course entitled “Building Strategic Foresight Capabilities”, René Rohrbeck, Remco Lenstra and Camelia Ram, all members of the UNESCO Chair hosted by EDHEC, do think so. Discover this new 10-hours MOOC proposed on


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7 Jul 2023
Register to the first MOOC of the UNESCO Chair hosted by EDHEC

Launched in 2023, the UNESCO Chair for Organizational Anticipation, Resilient Leadership and Educational Innovation, is hosted by the EDHEC Business School. It is an education and research platform in systems thinking, systems foresight and future awareness with partners from Europe, Asia and Africa.


A 3-week MOOC on strategic foresight

As stated in its presentation, the Chair promotes the fact the “being futures literate makes it easier to explore, to innovate, to be agile”…by learning to navigate uncertainty. The new MOOC “Building Strategic Foresight Capabilities” is a first key stone to fulfill this mission. It is sequenced in six modules, to which echo as many quiz and evaluations:

  • Introduction, Scanning for signals and Developing drivers of change
  • Why scenario thinking is key to prepare for uncertain futures
  • Developing scenarios and working with stakeholders
  • Developing future-oriented and unique strategies
  • Building organisational foresight capabilities
  • Exam: final quiz


On the MOOC page, the teachers detail that “after completing this course, you will understand the need for strategic foresight, as well as how and where it is used, which benefits it yields and why leading organisations systematically invest in staying on top of the future.”


The team behind this online course

  • René Rohrbeck - EDHEC Professor, head of the UNESCO Chair and director of the FIT Chair
  • Remco Lenstra – Member of the UNESCO Chair, owner of Re-framed
  • Camelia Ram – Member of the UNESCO Chair, consultant


Visit the page of the MOOC on

MOOC - Building Strategic Foresight Capabilities


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