From St. Petersburg to Lille: Madiia’s pursuit of Global and Sustainable Business

After majoring in Economics and Finance, Madiia Lashkova enrolled in the MSc in Global and Sustainable Business at EDHEC to align with her ideal career goals. Leveraging support from the International Student Office (ISO) and Career Centre, she successfully pursued her dream. 

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23 Jan 2024
LASHKOVA Madiia - MSc in Global & Sustainable Business


Why did you choose EDHEC Business School to pursue your master in sustainable business?

Studying abroad has always been I dream of mine! Originally, I had planned to pursue my master’s degree in the United States, where I had been accepted. However, the prospect of being too far from my home country led me to reconsider, shifting my focus to European Business Schools. I was seeking a school offering master’s programmes with a specific focus, emphasizing practical knowledge over theoretical focus. Scholarship opportunities were also crucial in my considerations, and I sought a school that values diversity, providing an opportunity for multiple cultural experiences among my classmates.  

I came across EDHEC Business School and its MSc in Global and Sustainable Business, finding it to be the perfect fit for me. 


You obtained the QS EDHEC Joint Scholarship. How did you apply for it?


In the spring, I submitted an application for the ‘QS EDHEC Joint Scholarship’. It required meeting two criteria – acceptance at EDHEC and attendance at QS events. Despite residing in Russia, where no QS events were help, I reached out to the EDHEC Admission Team who assured me that online attendance is accepted. The application process involved three rounds: a 30-minute essay, a video interview and answering a set of 10 questions.  
I was thrilled to discover that I had secured the scholarship which covered 50% of my tuition fees.


How did the international student office (ISO) help you before and after your arrival on campus? 

A great deal! I cherish the internation student office's (ISO) support! They provided assistance leading to my arrival in Lille and simplified aspects such as navigating the city, dealing with bureaucracy, securing accommodation through housing platforms and applying for my visa. They made the process so easy

When I arrived in France, a free taxi was waiting for me to take me to campus.
On-campus meetings were organised, covering essential processes like CAF, health insurance and transportation systems. Their support made each day feel reassuring. A lot of activities were organised allowing us to meet with fellow students.

Additionally, I appreciated that in one of the webinars, I had the opportunity to connect with other international students in advance, fostering early contacts and providing mutual supports as we tackled shared challenges. 


How have you already benefitted from EDHEC’s Career Centre?

I have already participated in several career activities - career assessment, career meetings and career days. Discussions covered potential questions from recruiters and discussed my future career path. Given my interest in the luxury industry, I received advice on how to achieve my career goals, including recommendations for electives and certificates I should take

During the career days, I met with recruiters who assured me that they welcome English speaking candidates, even if they do not speak French. Nevertheless, I am planning to learn French to enhance my integration in my future work environment. 

The Career Centre provided valuable guidance on how to connect with the company I aspire to work for, advising me on specific electives and certificates to take. 


Campus life: what do you enjoy the most?

I love the on-campus lifestyle. It is a beautiful campus with numerous study spots, a great cafeteria, a gym, AuchanGo – for late night snacks, and a bustling event calendar. Also, thanks to the student association BDA, I get to share my passion by teaching dance. 


3 words to describe your experience

Collaborative, international and enriching


Madiia LASHKOVA - MSc Global & Sustainable Business



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