The EDHEC Family Business Chair celebrates its 10th anniversary: discover the program of this event!

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the EDHEC Family Business Chair is organizing a conference with real cases, round tables, workshops and exchanges of experience on the sustainability of responsible family business models.

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3 Oct 2022

This conference celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Family Business Chair directed by Rania Labaki, Associate Professor at EDHEC and brings together members of family businesses, academics, public policy actors, experts in law, heritage, finance and consulting from around the world.


  • To register and learn more about how to participate, follow this link (eventbrite). Please note that for organizational reasons, the number of available seats is limited and priority is given to family business actors.


This event represents a unique opportunity to reflect on a decade of research, training and knowledge dissemination, and to embrace the future without reservation in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The founding members of the Chair, who are at the heart of its history and have accompanied it over the past 10 years, are participating in this conference, as well as the organizational partners who have supported it along the way.


The conference begins with two interactive sessions to reflect on the last decade through three lenses: research, practice and public policy. By sharing these lessons, the next decade will be set with first proposals dedicated to responsible family business actors.


The general theme will then be further explored through 4-D illustrations based on concrete cases and group discussions on resilience, succession, governance and entrepreneurship. An intervention is scheduled from the world's oldest banking dynasty, C. Hoare & Co, which has managed to weather notable crises while making a consistent impact over its 350-year history. The odysseys of successions of century-old family businesses from different parts of the world, which face various challenges and have consolidated and strengthened their governance along the way, are scheduled throughout the day. Finally, a time is dedicated to how the entrepreneurial dimension is nurtured over time in multigenerational families and businesses to ensure the sustainability of family businesses.


The conference ends with a closing discussion and a cocktail reception.


The biographies of all the speakers are detailed in the last section of this page.


Please note that this conference is held entirely in English and this preliminary program is subject to change.


1.30 pm – 2.00 pm Registration


2.00 pm – 2.10 pm Welcome and Introductory Speech

Speakers: Ludovic Cailluet, Rania Labaki, Emmanuel Métais (EDHEC Business School, France)


2.10 pm – 2.50 pm “From one Decade to Another (Part 1) : Drawing Lessons from Research Towards Practical Implications for Family Business Stakeholders

Speakers: Fabian Bernhard, Ludovic Cailluet, Rania Labaki and Lorraine Uhlaner (EDHEC Business School, France)


2.50 pm – 3.20 pm “From one Decade to Another (Part 2): Looking Back and Forward on Family Businesses through the European Public-Policy Lens

Speaker: Jesus Casado (European Family Businesses, Belgium)


3.20 pm – 3.40 pm Tea & coffee break


3.40 pm – 4.40 pm “Lessons of Resilience and Sustainable Impact from the Oldest Banking Dynasty in the World: C. Hoare & Co.”

Speakers: Alexander S. Hoare and Michael G. Hoare (C. Hoare & Co., UK) and Rania Labaki (EDHEC, France)


4.40 pm – 5.40 pm “Transferring the Family Business Responsibly while Consolidating Governance: Testimonials across Continents

Speakers: Simone Møkster (Simon Møkster Shipping, Norway), Julian von Moeller (Moeller Group, Germany), Mariann Wenckheim (Vöslauer and Wenckheim Holding, Austria)


5.40 pm – 6.00 pm Tea & coffee break


6.00 pm – 7.00 pm "Nurturing Responsible Entrepreneurship in Families and Businesses towards Sustainability : Perspectives across Generations"

Speakers: Leila Hosri and Riccardo Hosri (Fernand Hosri Group, Lebanon), Antoine Mayaud (Association Familiale Mulliez, France) and Marin Njavro (LBS, Luxembourg)


7.00 pm – 7.30 pm Key learnings and Closing Remarks


7.30 pm – 9 pm Cocktail



Campus Jean Arnault - EDHEC.

3 avenue Louis Pluquet, 59100 Roubaix

Tramway : R line, "Bol d'air" station

Métro : line 2, "Tourcoing C.H. Dron" station

Les 10 ans de la chaire Entreprises familiales se déroulent sur le campus Jean Arnault

About the speakers

Fabian Bernhard is a Professor of Management and part of the Family Business Chair at EDHEC Business School. He is a research fellow for family business at the University of Mannheim and for psychology at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. Equipped with the insights from his own family’s business, Fabian Bernhard worked several years for a renowned financial consulting company in New York. In his academic work he specializes in the emotional dynamics in businesses, the preparation of next generational leaders, and the psychological attachment to the family business. His articles have been published in various academic and practitioner outlets as well as in the public media. Fabian Bernhard is a recipient of several honors and awards for his work on family businesses, such as the best dissertation honorable mention by FFI at Harvard University. Since 2014 he has been serving on the editorial boards of the Family Business Review (FBR) and the Journal of Family Business Strategy (JFBS). Since 2017 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston.

Ludovic Cailluet is Professor of Strategy and Business History at EDHEC Business School. As EDHEC Associate Dean and Head of the Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship, he is in in charge of executing EDHEC Business School entrepreneurship strategy through educational programs, research (Family Business and entrepreneurship) and school incubators (Campus Jean Arnault in Roubaix, Station F in Paris, and EDHEC Nice). His central research interest has been the formation and dissemination of strategy practices and business history especially the emergence of new sectors. His recent research projects look at the use of the past by strategists as well the role of emotions in business history especially in family business.



Jesús Casado Navarro-Rubio is familiar with family succession as he went through a non-expected transfer in his own family which led to the sale of his grandparents’ company. After starting his career as a lawyer for Telefónica in 1998 focusing on international contracts and M&A, Jesús joined the Spanish Family Business Association (IEF). He quickly moved up from Regional Director to International Director and then to Deputy Director General. In 2006, Jesús was appointed as the Secretary General of European Family Businesses (EFB). Based in Brussels, EFB represents all the National European Family Businesses associations and aims at promoting policies that are conductive to long-term entrepreneurship in Europe. Its members, more than 10.000 family business owners, directly represent more than 10% of the European GDP. In addition to his role at EFB, Jesús has served as a member of the Board of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and as a member of the Executive Committee of Family Business Network (FBN-I). He is family business advisor at Generation 6, member of the Board of several Foundations and a frequent speaker at family business conferences and summits in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East



Alexander Hoare is the first of the eleventh generation of Hoare family members to run C. Hoare & Co. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh (B. Com (Hons) Marketing), he joined the bank in 1987 from PA Consulting Group where he worked as a marketing consultant. From 2001 to 2009 he was Chief Executive Officer of C. Hoare & Co. Alexander is a leader in the field of social and impact investing and a founder partner of Snowball LLP. He serves as president of the Groupement Européen de Banques; as a patron of Royal Trinity Hospice; and as chairman of the trustees of Intermission Youth Theatre. Alexander is married with family. He enjoys tennis and sailing



Michael G. Hoare is the former Chairman of chair of Audit & Compliance Committee at C. Hoare& Co. Prior to his appointment, his spent his working life in France including, for 15 years, as CEO of a French bank unrelated to C.Hoare & Cº.  Following retirement, he has been a consultant to the family bank and, for 10 years, Chair of the National Churches Trust

Leila Hosri was born in Maryland USA, 6th generation in a family of business entrepreneurs whose motto is “Merit by Knowledge, Hard Work and Tradition”. Raised in Beirut and graduated from le Grand Lycée Franco Libanais (GLFL), she obtained her Bachelor degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from ESCP Business School. She lived and studied in 4 different cities in the past 4 years: Berlin Germany, Paris France, Turin Italy, and Beirut Lebanon. Currently working in Paris as a Consultant at Cabinet Reactive Executive, Leila also had the opportunity to experience  work at Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Perfume House as a Creative Marketing and Product Manager assistant, and in the field of Renewable Energy at her  Family Business Sacotel Znshine. She developed her adaptability, openness and communication skills while pursuing her education in International Management which allowed her to travel around Europe and in the Middle East. Leila grew up in a Family Business that taught her to value merit through discipline and hard work



Riccardo Fernand Hosri was born in Beirut, 5th generation in a family of business entrepreneurs whose motto is “Merit by Knowledge, Hard Work and Tradition”.Graduated from The International School of Choueifat (SABIS) Bath UK, he obtained his Marketing and Management degrees with high distinction from The Lebanese American University (LAU). He was appointed CEO of SACOTEL - Fernand Hosri Group on January 2015, SACOTEL being the market leader in telecom, security, automation and renewable energy, operating from Lebanon since 1974 and serving 26 countries. He is an active member in: The Family Business Network Levant (Vice Chairman of the Board, 2016 to 2021; Chaiman of the Board, 2021 to present); The Syndicate of Security and Safety Professionals in Lebanon (President, 2012 to 2017; Consultant, 2017 to present); Rassemblement de Dirigeants et Chefs D’entreprises Libanais (President “Survival of the private sector” GPA, 2020 to 2021; President “Export” GPA, 2021 to present); Le Cercle des Dirigeants (ESA Business School); The Lebanese Private Sector Network (Executive Committee Member 2021 to present; Co-Lead Economic Security Unit 2022 to present).


Rania Labaki is Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre and Associate Professor of Management at EDHEC Business School, where she teaches and conducts research at the intersection of the fields of finance, entrepreneurship and family businesses. Rania is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA), a member of the Scientific Council of FBN France, a member of the Advisory Board of Women in Family Business (WIFB) and the New York City Family Enterprise Centre (NYCFEC). She is the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneurship Research Journal and a member of the editorial boards of the main academic journals dedicated to family businesses. She has published extensively in academic and professional books and journals on family businesses, including the expert sections of Droit & Patrimoine magazine and Les Echos solutions. Rania holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Bordeaux and has received several international awards in recognition of her contribution in the field of family businesses. Her current interests focus on the role of family and emotional dynamics in financial, social and philanthropic, intra/entrepreneurial, and family business succession decisions.

Antoine Mayaud, trained as an agricultural engineer, spent the first 12 years of his career working within this field in Morocco; western Africa and last in France. At the age of 35, he joined Danone where he worked for 13 years as responsible for their industrial organisations in France, Italy and finally all over Europe. In 1994, while still at Danone, he was appointed during 16 years by his family (Mulliez family) to the family board. When re-elected in 1998, he left Danone in order to concentrate fully on the AFM in two fields: First, as chairman of the family Equity fund, "CreAdev", which would assist family or non family young entrepreneurs, hence promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and helping to develop the AFM portfolio. Secondly, he wanted to help develop the “affectio societatis” (get family and their enterprises to keep as close as possible to one another) through training, education  and by involving as many of them as possible as non executive directors or employees in the businesses affiliated to the AFM. Antoine was also chairman of Pimkie group, a business leader in the field of women's fashion, from 2004 to 2009.

Simone Møkster is second generation owner of a maritime company in Norway, Simon Møkster Shipping. She has extensive experience as Non-Executive Board Director in her own family business group of companies Simon Møkster Holding, NorSea Group, VesselMan as well as humanitarian organisations such as Norwegian Sea Rescue Society. Since she was a child, she observed her father at work and gained insights into responsible ownership, business in general and specifically the maritime industry. She has also worked for the past five years for the Norwegian chapter of Family Business Norway as board member and managing director. She has just started with a Ph.D. within family business at the Centre of Family Ownership and entrepreneurship (CeFEO) in Sweden.


Marin Njavro, a second-generation member of an entrepreneurial family in the academic sector, is the founder of Luxembourg School of Business, the first and leading business school in Luxembourg accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Luxembourg. Marin is responsible for the School’s overall strategy, operations and relations with the School’s main stakeholders. Marin, a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, has previously worked for Barclays Capital in London and the corporate law department of Loyens & Loeff in Luxembourg. A life-long enthusiast about education and technology, Marin has also co-founded an Edtech startup 'Cogent' in 2022 with a mission to empower the educators by helping them scale what they do using next-gen instructional materials. Marin speaks fluent English, French, Russian, Croatian and has a working knowledge of German.

Lorraine M. Uhlaner is Professor of Management, specialized in Entrepreneurship and Family Business, at EDHEC Business School on the Lille campus in Roubaix, France. Her current research interests include responsible ownership and corporate governance in family businesses and other privately-held firms.  Her research also addresses the topics of corporate social responsibility, innovation and knowledge management and business succession in SMEs. A third research stream focuses on prediction of individual (social) entrepreneurial behavior, including multi-level research of informal (cultural) and formal institutional influences.   Recent award-winning articles are published in Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, Human Relations, and Journal of Family Business Strategy. Other academic articles are published in Journal of Business Ethics, Family Business Review, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Small Business Economics Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Small Business Management, and Journal of Family Business Strategy. Born in the US, she has lived and worked in Europe, including the Netherlands and France, for more than twenty years.  She received her Ph.D. in Organization Psychology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, in 1980.  Other details of Prof. Uhlaner’s background including links to recently published articles and video abstracts can be found on her homepage.

Julian von Moeller is 8th generation board member and shareholder of Möller Group, a family business founded in 1730. He is also a Board member of Moeller Real Estate, the Henokiens and other family owned businesses, as well as executive committee member of European Family Businesses. He has graduated in Business and Economics and holds a Msc. Coming from a family business he has been working as a member of the management team for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mittelstandsberatung, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, before becoming managing director and owner of the German Junior Academy in 2004. The Academy supports leading family businesses throughout Germany in the preparation and implementation of corporate succession and future. Together with Beatrice Rodenstock, he founded Rodenstock from Möller-Partner für Familienunternehmen GbR.




Mariann Wenckheim is a third-generation member of Austria’s most loved mineral-water-brand, Vöslauer. She joined her family business as non-executive director from 2014 to 2018, became Chair of the Wenckheim family holding company in 2019 and board member of the Ottakringer family holding in 2022. As Co-Active and psychodynamic Coach® Mariann’s passion is to work with entrepreneurs and family-business leaders on Awareness and Change. She supports teams and boards to create emotionally secure, thriving organisations and relationship systems.

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