Fabian Bernhard

Associate Professor

Professor and Researcher in Family Business and Psychology

Main contributions

Harvard Business Review (2023), Small Business Economics (2023), Journal of Innovation Economics & Management (2023, 2024), International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2024), Journal of Organizational Change Management (2023), Technological Forecasting & Social Change (2023), Review of Managerial Science (2023), International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research (2023), Journal of Business Research (2024, 2022, 2019), European Management Journal (2022), Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (2022), Family Business Review (2021), Entreprises et histoire (2018), International Management and Marketing Research Journal (2018, 2016), Academy of Management Learning & Education (2015), Group & Organization Management (2011), Journal of Family Business Strategy (2011)

Discipline: Family Business
Faculty: Management & Humanities
Expertise: -->Leadership and Management -->Business Psychology -->Research on Emotions -->Family Business


Prof. Dr. Fabian Bernhard is a Professor of Management and Psychology and is part of the Family Business Center at EDHEC Business School in Paris, Lille, Nice and London. He is a research fellow for family business at the University of Mannheim and for psychology at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. Equipped with the insights from his own family's business, Fabian Bernhard worked several years for a renowned financial consulting company in New York. In his academic work he specializes in the emotional dynamics in businesses, the preparation of next generational leaders, and the psychological attachment to the family business. His articles have been published in various academic and practitioner outlets as well as in the public media. Fabian Bernhard is a recipient of several honors and awards for his work on family businesses, such as the best dissertation honorable mention by FFI at Harvard University. Since 2014 he has been serving on the editorial boards of the Family Business Review (FBR) and the Journal of Family Business Strategy (JFBS). Since 2017 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) in Boston.

Publications of Fabian Bernhard

07.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

„Wir wollten doch nur das Beste“ – Wie Familiendynamiken zum Scheitern der Unternehmensnachfolge führen können

Fiedler Sandra, Hülsbeck Marcel, Fabian Bernhard

ZfKE - Zeitschrift für KMU und Entrepreneurship, Volume 71, June 2024, Pages 101 - 121

05.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Marriage: An institution you can't disparage? Evidence on the marriage norms of entrepreneurs

Stamm Isabell, Fabian Bernhard

Small Business Economics, June 2024, Pages 501 - 521

04.06.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

From hype to impact: How companies can leverage the metaverse technology for business models

Nino Tomini, Katharina Brenk, Dominik K. Kanbach, Stephan Stubner, Fabian Bernhard

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, June 2024, Pages 1 - 11

17.03.2024 - Chapter publication

Psychological Ownership

Fabian Bernhard

Edward Elgar, Edward Elgar Publishing, March 2024

04.03.2024 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Pride in family businesses: Authenticity, hubris, and cultural insights

Fabian Bernhard

Journal of Business Research, Volume 176, March 2024, Pages 1 - 14