Top 6 tips on how to study while working

Finding time for executive education while balancing work and personal commitments can be extremely challenging. You are probably aware of the benefits of returning to study, but theres no doubt that…
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9 Dec 2020

Finding time for executive education while balancing work and personal commitments can be extremely challenging. You are probably aware of the benefits of returning to study, but theres no doubt that studying while working can be tough. Full-time study while maintaining a professional role is impractical, but a part-time online course can be the perfect fit for busy professionals. At the end of this article, there are top 6 tips you can employ to find that precious time to study while working.

How a lack of formal education can be damaging to young professionals

There are many reasons why you may want to return to study, no matter what stage you are at in your career. You may have established a successful career by climbing the ladder and learning as you went along, yet you are still at a disadvantage compared to your peers because you never studied business.

Or perhaps you are at the start of your career, and youre finding that your energy and talent is opening up opportunities for you. Yet, you lack the formal training to take advantage of these opportunities. 

On the other hand, you may already have business qualifications, but need to increase your specialised knowledge in order to progress your career. It is common for professionals to feel held back by their lack of formal qualifications, as they find:

  • Others in leadership roles have formal qualifications in business management
  • They are not confident in management and leadership theory
  • They have hit a ceiling in their career because they lack the required formal qualifications to progress further

Benefits of online programmes in finding time for studying

Formal training in business gives professionals the knowledge, skills, and qualifications they need to progress in their career. 

However, it is not feasible for most professionals to enroll in a full-time course on-site at a university. They may not have the time or sufficient savings to go back to full-time study, or may not want to leave their current role or company.

Online programmes provide the perfect balance, by allowing you to pursue a formal education while keeping your job. Part-time online courses are a particularly great option for busy professionals, allowing you to flexibly study while maintaining your busy lifestyle.

Benefits of online programmes for professionals returning to study include:

  • Flexible hours: You can schedule your study around work and other commitments
  • Flexible location: Study with the best institutions from anywhere in the world
  • Low cost: Online programmes are much more affordable than doing a full-time degree on campus
  • Part-time options: With EDHEC, you can complete your masters in 15 months while studying just 10 to 15 hours a week
  • Human aspect: EDHECs courses include close workgroups and excellent networking opportunities

EDHECs online programmes offer a recognised, high-quality education and access to a worldwide alumni network, combined with the flexibility of online study. Furthermore, EDHECs teaching has been specifically adapted to online learning to ensure you receive the high standards of education you are looking for.The Online MSc in International Business Management is a great option for professionals looking to gain a recognised qualification in business.

Top 6 Tips for finding time to study while working

Even with the flexibility of an online course, it can be difficult to find the time to study as a busy professional. Balancing study with not only work but also family and other personal commitments can be challenging. Heres our tips on how to study while working:

1/Set study goals. Having set goals will allow you to be clear on what you need to achieve. For example, rather than simply aiming to study more, set a goal to study a particular and realistic amount of time each evening.

2/Communicate. Keep everyone informed and assure your employers that you can manage your work schedules.If you have a job its inevitable that there will be times that your work and study schedules clash. In order to avoid this, you should let your boss and co-workers know that you have started an (online) programme. If you prove your dedication, it will be easier to negotiate with them a more study-friendly schedule. 

3/Plan. Once youve set your study goals, make a plan to make sure you reach them. Setting a study timetable and a daily routine puts you in a stronger position to reach your goals.

4/Stick to your plan. Often, sticking to your plan can be the biggest challenge. Make sure you stay on track by tracking how you spend your time and ask a friend or family member to keep you accountable.

5/Delegate. If possible, delegate work tasks to others and/or ask family members to help you out with childcare to give you more time to study.

6/Give yourself extra incentives. Reminding yourself of your goals and why you are studying will help to keep you motivated. Investing financially in the process by paying for a course also gives you an extra incentive to keep going.

Find your perfect fit

It might not be easy to find time for executive education as you struggle to balance studying while working. However, the benefits of further education for professionals can be significant and will allow you to pursue new and exciting opportunities. 

An online course at a recognised institution like EDHEC can be the best of both worlds: giving you the flexibility to study for a useful qualification while balancing your work and personal commitments. See our online programmes to find the perfect fit that will allow you to get the qualifications you need to progress in your career.

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