Two EDHEC Faculty members named “Leading Data Academics" by the CDO Magazine

Written on 08 March 2021.

Congratulations to the two EDHEC Professors Christophe Croux and Veronika Czellar who are named in the 2021 list of the "Leading Data Academics" in the Chief Data Officer (CDO) Magazine. All academics who appear in this list are distinguished by their innovative ideas leveraging data and analytics, and by providing true value and real world results.

CDO Magazine grew out of MIT’s annual CDO and Information Quality Symposium (MIT CDOIQ), led since 2007 by the MIT Sloan School of Management, in partnership with the International Society of Chief Data Officers (isCDO) and ComSpark.

Christophe Croux, PhD, is Professor of Data Science at EDHEC Business School. He is the Head of Data Science, Economics and Finance Faculty.  He was a professor in statistics and econometrics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1995-2001) and the KU Leuven (2001-2017). The research he conducted was on mathematical and computational statistics, marketing modelling, and applied econometrics. He is author of more than 100 papers in international journals.  His current research activity is on the detection of anomalies in large and complex data sets, and the development of forecasting methods for big data. He mainly teaches in the MSc in Data Analytics and Digital Business programme and serves as dissertation advisor in the PhD in Finance programme.

Veronika Czellar, PhD, is a Professor of Data Science at EDHEC Business School. Prior to joining EDHEC, Veronika Czellar held positions at University of Washington, HEC Paris and EMLYON. Her research interests include simulation-based estimation methods, robust statistics and financial econometrics. Her work has been published in top Econometrics and Statistics journals, including the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Biometrika, Journal of Econometrics and Journal of Financial Econometrics. She is an enthusiastic teacher and has taught a variety of courses, including Portfolio Management, Financial Econometrics, R/VBA Programming and Data Science courses. 

Veronica Czellar and Christophe Croux also serve as disseration advisors in the PhD in Finance programme.


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