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Watch the webinar replay "Where is the Climate Risk Premium?", with Riccardo Rebonato

Last June, more than 900 professionals from 70 countries registered to the webinar held by EDHEC Professor and EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute Scientific Director, Riccardo Rebonato. Watch the replay of this state-of-the-art webinar on climate risk premium.

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13 Sep 2023
Where is the Climate Risk Premium? Riccardo Rebonato

Establishing whether "green" and carbon-intensive assets carry a positive or negative risk premium matters a lot for investment managers, because it determines whether these assets act as hedges, or they add to equity risk. Unfortunately, attempts to estimate the climate risk premium empirically have met with near-insurmountable difficulties and leave the practitioner puzzled.

During the webinar, organised by EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute, EDHEC Professor Riccardo Rebonato, recipient of the 2022 PMR Quant Researcher of the Year award, explained what one may learn about the climate risk premium by employing a state-of-the-art integrated modeling approach, and discussed investment implications.


Topics covered included:

  • The climate risk premium: what it is and why investors should care
  • Hedging climate risk: when is it possible and when should one hedge?
  • Are "green" assets hedges or do they add to equity risk?
  • What is the term structure of the climate risk premium: are long- or short-dated assets more strongly affected?
  • How does the climate risk premium depend on future abatement policies?
  • How 'robust' are these results to climate uncertainties and model limitations?
  • Is the market asleep at the wheel?


Please contact [email protected] to access the slides of the presentation.

Numerous questions were asked during the webinar : here, you can dowload the written versions of the answers by Riccardo Rebonato (pdf).



Recent contributions by Professor Rebonato can be found here, both for practitioners, researchers and students:


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