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What did you study prior to EDHEC Business School? I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from United International College in Zhuhai, China. Why did you choose EDHEC’s Master in…
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25 Feb 2021

What did you study prior to EDHEC Business School?

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Resources from United International College in Zhuhai, China.

Why did you choose EDHEC’s Master in Management?

When I was searching for Master’s programmes, I realised that most of them were one-year long. I wanted to come to France and be able to live an immersive experience and that’s why I chose MiM, a three-year programme. Besides, the professional year in between the two years of studies was appealing to me in the idea that I would be able to acquire international professional experiences and know what it’s like to work in France. I had also come to Lille for an exchange at another French business school and I’m fond of this city!

I chose the Master in Management in Business Management.

What are the main highlights of the programme so far? Its most valuable takeaway of the programme for you?

The school really offers us a wide range of core modules and electives of different topics for students to choose from. The first year of Master is not yet concentrated in any fields, so students get to discover different business fields of their interests. I, for example, chose one elective in “Information and Fake News” and one in “Solidarity and NGOs”. Both were very insightful and interesting courses that I enjoyed a lot!

The international environment at EDHEC is another asset that students can leverage on. Everyone has the opportunity to meet, study, and work with others coming from different backgrounds. This has undoubtedly made the whole learning experience way more interesting! Now that I’m working in Paris, I’m still hanging out with some of the people I’ve met from EDHEC!

You are in your professional immersion year. Tell us about this work experience.

I had my first six-month internship at Clarins as an HR Development Assistant. Currently, I’m working at Sephora as a Talent Project and Communication Assistant in the global HR team. Both are focused on employee engagement, learning, and people development. The purposes of the projects, and being able to work with some of the most talented people in the world give me the desire and the reason to continue to beautify people’s life.

What are your job aspirations?

After I graduate from EDHEC Business School, I hope to continue to discover more HR-related fields, in different business sectors. Before then, I am planning on choosing the MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting for my M2, mainly because of one of its concentration track in Human Resource Management & Organisational Strategy.

Do you have any advice for future international students?

I cannot express how grateful I am for the opportunities that I’ve had to work at two of the largest companies in the world and I believe that everyone has a chance! It is true that for international students there will probably be more challenges on the way, such as the language barrier and legal matters, being the top 2 concerns for foreign students. However, they should not stop us from discovering different things, and they certainly don’t represent the value that you can bring to companies. As a matter of fact, international students are highly appreciated at large companies that tend to value diversity these days. So my advice is, live your experience to its fullest and believe in yourself!

Your EDHEC experience in three words.

Eye-opening. Fun. And adventurous!

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