We are delighted to welcome you all back to campus, both existing students and new faces. EDHEC Business School wishes you every success for this new academic year. We are glad to be part of your…
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27 Sep 2019

We are delighted to welcome you all back to campus, both existing students and new faces. EDHEC Business School wishes you every success for this new academic year. We are glad to be part of your journey and proud you chose us to further your education.

La Fresque du Climat:

For the first day back at the end of August, the Lille campus organised a special day geared to raising awareness of climate issues and the need to preserve the environment. A big part of the day was devoted to the "La Fresque du climat", a collaborative workshop designed to leverage the collective knowledge of the participating students and find answers and opportunities relating to environmental issues. Our 750 new students also had the chance to take part in a hackathon that taught them more about climate issues, the consequences of climate disruption and the emergency facing our planet. Three Alumni - Kathleen Boquet, from Greenflex, Thomas de Moussac from Technique Solaire and Augustin Jaclin from Lemon Tri - came to drive the day’s proceedings and share their experience with students.

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Student Consulting for Development:

Hearty congratulations to the team of four students that completed the Student Consulting for Development association’s three projects in six months this year. By the time it completed the last project, the association had distributed 220 solar lights, conducted two social audits, helped 1,200 independent producers and compensated all their own CO² emissions throughout the project! The team worked on three projects during their travels in South America. The first one involved assisting the Peruvian company Fondesurco in helping people in often-secluded rural communities to access microcredit.

The second, also in Peru, focused on assisting the social enterprise Powermundo, in improving access to electricity and lighting for isolated villages. During this second project, the association’s members met with 15 communities in the Santa Cruz District, distributing 220 solar lights to families and thus enabling them to light their homes.

The third and last project, in Ecuador, centred on setting up a green microcredit solution. Since most of the micro-borrowers were farmers, the students concentrated on helping them optimise their farms in a green way, by introducing various innovations, whether for irrigation, animal feed or the preservation of biodiversity on their farms.

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Since 2011 the Gourm’EDHEC culinary association has forged partnerships with some of the leading chefs in Lille, spanning cooking contests, recipes, shared meals, and food appliance rental. The association aims to promote a more ethical manner of food consumption and healthier ways of cooking for students. In pursuit of these objectives, it created the Lille region’s first student cooking competition, Toqu’Edhec, which attracts around 1,000 visitors every year, many chefs from the region, like Florent Ladeyn and Steven Ramon, and eight highly motivated student teams.

All these projects share one common goal, namely to make a positive impact on business and society.

The new academic year is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and your school. You might want to discover or rediscover the Nice campus.

Work hard, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and stay resilient, since those are the keys to success.

Don’t forget to follow your school on social media, where we share lots of information about EDHEC Business School  and its activities.


To all our students, partners, faculty and staff members: Welcome back!

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