Why EDHEC’s top ranked Master in Marketing Management is a crucial asset in the job market: Meet a student

In a world where marketing skills are increasingly valued, Sofia’s decision to pursue EDHEC’s Master in Marketing Management offers insights into the programme’s unique appeal and its impact on career aspirations.

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20 Mar 2024
Sofia Kong Pizzaro - MSc in marketing management


Originally from Peru, Sofia Kong Pizarro embarked on a transformative journey at EDHEC Business School, drawn by its world-class Master in Marketing Management programme - Ranked among the top 10 masters in marketing worldwide (QS 2023), EDHEC’s excellent reputation, the variety of resources and opportunities available, and freedom to tailor her academic journey. 


What led you to choose EDHEC Business School?

Beyond its excellent reputation, I was drawn to the array of resources and opportunities it provides to students. The commitment to offering a diverse range of electives, workshops, seminars, and learning expeditions truly stood out to me.

Moreover, the Lille campus played a significant role in my decision-making process. As someone who values a dynamic lifestyle and enjoys the balance between physical activity and academic pursuits, the presence of sports facilities and the vibrant learning environment greatly appealed to me. 

The final aspect that solidified my decision was the exceptional recruitment process. Their approachable and attentive demeanour instilled a sense of confidence and assurance in me, making the whole application journey a seamless and positive experience. Knowing that I had their unwavering support throughout the process significantly contributed to my overall impression of the school. 


Why did you choose the MSc in Marketing Management? 

The MSc in Marketing Management appealed to me for various reasons. On one hand, securing the top 10 global ranking in marketing master's programmes highlighted the exceptional quality of education offered by the programme. This esteemed ranking significantly enhanced the programme's reputation, a crucial asset in the competitive job market.

Also, the strong network with top-notch companies and the unique opportunities provided further solidified my choice.

On the other hand, the comprehensive curriculum captured my interest, particularly due to its inclusion of various electives, study trips, and specializations. In particular, the option to specialise in Entertainment and Services intrigued me, prompting my decision to opt for this concentration. 


How do you plan to tailor the MSc in Marketing Management programme to your needs?

I have made plans to participate in the learning expedition, enrol in 2 elective courses, and pursue a TechMeUp! elective, as I believe this path aligns best with my professional aspirations. 
Nevertheless, there are alternative pathways, such as aiming for an available certificate or exploring additional elective courses. This customisable feature of the curriculum is what truly resonates with me, providing the freedom to tailor my academic journey according to my specific interests and professional goals.


What do you like the most about how the courses are taught?

I deeply appreciate the valuable insights provided by our professors. Not only are they highly accomplished professionals in their respective fields, but they also supplement theoretical concepts with practical, up-to-date real-life examples, enriching our learning experience.

Furthermore, they exhibit an extraordinary dedication to our development, readily offering guidance on any academic or professional inquiries, fostering a supportive and nurturing academic environment.

Another thing that stands out is the emphasis on practical application, enabling us to translate theoretical knowledge into tangible skills through hands-on experience. The variety of group assignments and projects allocated to us not only strengthen our comprehension but also nurture essential teamwork and problem-solving skills.


What are your career aspirations? 

My career aspirations revolve around securing a role in an international company that fosters cross-cultural collaboration and enables continuous learning through diverse perspectives. I am particularly drawn to the dynamic sectors of technology, consulting, and FMCG for the breadth of opportunities they offer. 

In pursuit of these goals, the Career Centre has been an invaluable resource, offering comprehensive guidance, a range of practical tools, and beneficial exercises such as mock interviews and constructive feedback sessions. Additionally, the networking events and unique opportunities facilitated by it have further enriched my professional development, making my journey thus far truly holistic and rewarding. 


As a student ambassador, what advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the Master in Marketing Management?

I would suggest focusing on certain aspects that can truly elevate your chances. Paying meticulous attention to crafting compelling cover letter and CVs can significantly amplify the impact of your application. Furthermore, during the interview phase, while staying informed about current affairs is essential, it's equally crucial to remain authentic and avoid providing clichéd responses.




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