The MBA Global Leadership track

Evolve into a transformational leader with conviction

An  MBA provides you with essential skills to lead diverse teams and leverage cutting-edge international strategies. This specialisation track prepares you to manage effectively across cultures with innovative approaches. 


An MBA for a leadership mindset shift

Leading Global Change Through Design Thinking


Apply a human-centric approach to generating solutions for complex problems within an organisation of any size. Generate workplace efficiency and productive, meaningful, and profitable results.


Managing Global Projects


Learn to determine the wide range of intricate processes required in project management. Prepare to tackle complex projects by employing visionary and transformational leadership styles and embracing design thinking.

To be transformational leaders capable of fostering growth and innovation, managers should move from transactional towards a more inspirational, visionary level. Instead of a quid pro quo, bonus- or incentive-based approach to motivate teams. By giving teams a vision to work towards and the environment to make it possible to reach company goals, leaders can motivate teams and trigger innovative behaviours. This is about intellectual stimulation, role models, and leading by example.

Dr. Fabian Bernhard, Associate Professor in Management, Organisational Psychology, OB, and Researcher in Family Business, EDHEC Global MBA programme

Dr. Fabian Bernhard

Associate Professor in Management, Organisational Psychology, OB, and Researcher in Family Business, EDHEC Global MBA programme

During the EDHEC MBA track in Global Leadership, you will:

  • Explore the latest leadership theories. 
  • Understand the transformative power of charismatic leadership. 
  • Assess strategies for periods of market disruption and technological change.  
  • Discuss methods for building team resilience in stressful times. 
  • Examine how to overcome resistance to change.
  • Build a solutions-oriented workforce. 
  • Determine how motivational leadership leads to better performance and innovation. 
  • Analyse the benefits of diversity and women in leadership across global organisations. 
  • Carry out a thorough assessment of your own leadership style. 
  • Learn how to effectively manage a remote team. 

Having recently worked as a consultant in Asia, I chose the Global Leadership track in order to gain more in-depth knowledge of the region and how to better manage large-scale, international projects.

Arun Daniel

Global MBA alumnus 2020, Strategy & Customer at Principal, London, U.K.

My personal academic highlight was the Global Leadership track which provided me with completely new insights with regards to my own strengths, weaknesses, and values.

Lena Hellwig

Global MBA alumna 2021, Global Process Manager Payments & Bank Accounting at Bayer. Lecturer, International Finance Reporting at ISM, Dortmund, Germany.

The leadership track within the Global MBA programme 


Learn more how the Global Leadership Track complements the core and elective courses of the EDHEC Global MBA.  


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Learn from global leaders during the Global Leadership business trip 


During the MBA’s Global Leadership track, you will travel to a strategically selected city for a 1- week learning expedition.  During this time, you will visit global companies to witness successful leadership practices, and discuss trends and disruptions with leaders from various industries.  



Boost your career with the Global MBA Leadership track

The MBA Leadership track will teach you the skills you need to reach some of the highest positions in your company. Becoming a leader is not just about managing a team. During the programme, you will learn how to motivate and inspire, how to convince and encourage coworkers to work together and give their best. Once you have completed the MBA, you will have access to exciting opportunities such as:


  • Strategic Leadership Roles: Manage organisational change, drive innovation through complex global challenges by applying strategic leadership principles learned during your MBA.
  • Executive Management Positions: Take on C-suite roles where your ability to lead and inspire can directly influence company culture, operational efficiency, and strategic direction.
  • Consultancy in Leadership Development: Utilise your expertise to advise other leaders and organisations on best practices for leadership, team building, and organisational development, enhancing their capacity for success."

For participants of the Global Leadership Track in the Global MBA programme at EDHEC, this was a hands-on opportunity to meet company executives – mostly expats – that are working in a very unique place. We learned about the opportunities and challenges of working in one of the most important business hubs today. The business trips are a unique opportunity for participants to experience a business environment at the source – not through a book or a presentation. It is the next best thing to moving to that country.  Needless to say, this was a life-changing experience.

Damaris Garay Martinez, Global MBA alumnus 2016, Manager, Market Operations, LATAM, at Meta

Damaris Garay Martinez

Global MBA alumnus 2016, Manager, Market Operations, LATAM, at Meta

Personalise your Global Leadership experience


Try our programme personaliser to build your very own, unique, MBA experience, choosing electives and your specialisation track of choice.  


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MBA Leadership track FAQ

Focusing on global leadership during your MBA programme can help you become a responsible and transformational leader with leadership skills applicable to any global organisation. During the Leadership MBA track at EDHEC Business School, participants learn how to apply new trends in international strategy to the management of multicultural teams and global projects, and adopt strategies for leading through Design Thinking. They also visit global companies to witness successful leadership practices and discuss trends and disruptions with leaders from various industries. 

Global leadership in an MBA programme is the study, adoption, and application of responsible and transformational leadership skills applicable to any global organisation. Becoming a charismatic global leader requires a human-centric approach to managing teams and solution-generation for complex problems within an international environment. Global leadership can be selected as a focus during an MBA programme, such as the Global MBA at EDHEC Business School which offers a 1-month Global Leadership track. From exploring the latest leadership theories to putting new soft skills into practice, the Global Leadership track prepares you to lead people and projects in a global context. 

Key traits of a successful leader include: 

  • Visionary leadership: Articulating clear goals and instilling projects with a sense of purpose to engage and involve team members. 

  • Inspirational presence: Boosting motivation through passion for the vision and project. 

  • Empathetic engagement: Demonstrating sincere care and support, essential for maintaining team motivation. 

  • Open-mindedness: Valuing diverse perspectives and feedback, enhancing organisational inclusivity and innovation. 

  • Commitment to growth: Continuously seeking personal and professional development opportunities. 


You will develop these traits during the MBA track in Leadership through advanced modules and by meeting some of the world’s most successful leaders. 

Employment prospects following the completion of a Global Leadership MBA exist in almost any discipline where charismatic, transformational, and responsible leadership is required. From international sales to marketing to human resources, accountancy, the tech industry, the hotel and tourism sectors, pharma, automotive, to the entertainment industry, or roles in government agencies, the sky’s the limit. MBA participants with an interest in global leadership come together from diverse backgrounds, undergraduate degrees, and occupations, to create a supportive cohort and alumni network in which members motivate, encourage and support each other long after graduation. EDHEC’s Lead360 featuring CareerSmart is designed to give you maximum exposure to different industries and roles and develop the skills and insights needed to evolve, transform, and succeed in the career of your choice. 


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