Strategic Foresight Executive Certificate

Short, targeted balanced program that combines academic content with practical tools to make sense of uncertainty and complexity.

Strategic Foresight Executive Certificate

EDHEC Executive Education's certificate program is meticulously crafted for directors, senior executives, and leaders to provide a chance to enhance their strategic thinking through short yet intensive courses. Our approach seamlessly integrates theory, interactive discussions, and practical action learning.

You will gain fresh insights and establish a robust network of peers from diverse sectors, all backed by EDHEC's renowned faculty, industry experts, and a richly experienced and varied cohort.

You will be able to analyze and identify the signals and the blindspots that can have the most impact on the environment in which you operate in the long term. You will translate this knowledge into short--, medium--, and long-term actions to build resilience.

This course is about being future-prepared for different challenges and strengthening your strategic decision-making to think and act to thrive under uncertainty.

Upcoming Session - May 15 2024

Duration of the program - 5 weeks

Diploma Type - FIT Chair Online Certificate

Language - English

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Our Executive Management course is meticulously designed to equip managers, directors and executives with the essential tools and leadership capabilities to further their careers. At EDHEC Executive Education, our short programmes and certificates are designed to offer tangible and practical insights into the complex field of strategic foresight and innovation and help you thrive under uncertainty to be future ready.

Executive education is a valuable asset for managers and executives seeking to strengthen their business acumen, exercise influential leadership, sharpen their global business perspective and acquire essential tools to play a central role in a company's growth. At EDHEC, our executive education programmes are key to enabling participants to effectively analyse and strategise in an ever-changing business world. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, new business models, changing ways of working and rapid advances in technology are reshaping even the most enduring markets and industries. SFEC plays a central role in equipping executives with the essential tools and leadership skills needed not only to compete, but also to drive innovation, foster transformation and create sustainable value in a context of constant change.
By integrating these elements, leaders acquire the vision and adaptability they need not only to navigate, but also to anticipate and take advantage of the changing global environment, thereby ensuring the long-term success of their companies.


FIT CHAIR, Co-ordinator