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Leadership learning and personal development of future managers is achieved through numerous courses, seminars and certificates as well as access to all the Chair's conferences.


In conjunction with its partner companies, the Chair expresses all its pedagogical potential for students throughout the Grande Ecole curriculum through 13 programmes. Thus, the learning of leadership and the personal development of future managers is achieved through numerous courses, seminars and a Certificate as well as through access to all the Chair's conferences.



The seminar "Benchmarks to decide": 
On the basis of Jungian psychological types (MBTI), students identify with which natural preferences they perceive the world and situations; they deduce their "profile" and the work environments with which they most closely match. If they want to go further in this inventory of personal resources, they can also work in depth on what underlies their identity, so as to shed more light on their first choices of specialisation at EDHEC and their first professional experiences. More broadly, this seminar is a reflective journey to better understand oneself in order to exercise one's responsibility and make conscious choices.


The "Team Management" seminar:
From the first year, students discover the requirements of the managerial function; they question their desire to lead teams and take stock of their resources and those to be cultivated during their learning path. Thanks to a pedagogical formula that brings together managers and professors in professional situations, they are led to review their beliefs about leadership and to invest their posture as future managers.




With its 20 years of experience in deploying Learning Teams™ and a course called "Reflexive Leader" in schools and companies, the EDHEC Chair in Leadership Development is opening this certification in 2022 with its new partner Potentialife. This 90-hour course trains Master 2 students in the posture of "Reflexive and Positive Leader". A positive and reflective leader is capable of transforming his team into a learning community. He or she is also a learning manager for the other groups in the company, thanks to a positive approach to life and reflective methods. This course can also be offered to the Chair's partner companies.



This course provides an opportunity to experience 4 of Daniel Goleman's 5 skills, namely self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills. The course is also an invitation to a deep understanding and practice of the science of flourishing based on the latest findings in positive psychology. Co-constructed in partnership with Potentialife, the course enables participants to learn to recognise their emotions, understand them and transform them into resources to be used appropriately in various contexts. In this way, they develop a positive 



Use change and uncertainty as a source of agility for oneself and the environment
To develop a facility to move cognitively and emotionally to encourage ideas and initiatives (one's own and those of others).
Learn a specific method to develop -in a group- personal agility and to have an impact on one's environment.