In close collaboration with its partner companies, the Chair designs innovative learning and leadership development tools for managers, future managers and the EDHEC student community.



Since September 2020, the Mail branch of LA POSTE and its Mail and Parcels Services University have been partners of the Leadership Chair. Our ambition is to support operational or functional departments in the development of their leaders as well as future leaders still learning in our programmes. 

For more than 10 years, La Poste and the Chair have been working together on various tailor-made training projects, at many levels of the group: the Parcels Service Branch, but also at Headquarters and in the regions. These training courses have enabled the Chair to meet with various professions (functional experts, local managers, management committees of mail platforms, managers of establishments, etc.) and to strengthen ties.
This historic collaboration challenges us, the Chair, on most of our "Make an Impact" indicators today: sponsoring, publications, research, continuing education and first training courses, writing case studies, "Learning Teams™ large format" combining managers and students, conferences, think tank...), many examples of a virtuous relationship because quite complete and emblematic of the school-business interaction, characteristic of this type of partnership. In 10 years, La Poste has had time to get to know and understand how we work at the Chair. Since 2020, it has committed itself with this sponsorship to :

  1. Benefit from the support of the LD Chair in the leadership development strategy of its functional and operational managers and executives
  2. Test the pedagogical innovation produced by the Chair, in particular the latest devices and courses in Reflective Leadership 
  3. Benefit from a close relationship with the academic environment and students of EDHEC as well as with the Chair's speakers

The aim of the Mail Branch is to strengthen its managers and top managers in terms of "power to act" and autonomy, what we call: self-leadership, in other words the ability to establish free direction of oneself, a theme that we develop in our face-to-face or virtual programmes.



Potentialife is an innovative positive model created by Tal Ben Shahar, an internationally renowned expert in positive psychology and neuroscience and a best-selling author, and Angus Ridgway, a leadership development specialist who worked for twenty years at McKinsey & Company. Together, they have developed and conceptualised the SHARP model, an innovative change management process. This process, which integrates a training-action platform, uses new technologies and collective intelligence to encourage positive leadership development and the cultural development of companies.


For almost two decades, the Leadership Development Chair at EDHEC Business School has been convinced that there are incredible leadership resources in every individual. Its job is to train professionals and future professionals to exercise authentic leadership based on reflexivity. In 2016, the Chair organised the first French research conference on "The making of the reflexive manager", a conference accompanied by a special issue of the RIPCO Journal. The Chair is also, and above all, a laboratory for pedagogical innovation in leadership development, which tests, measures and develops ways of learning and strengthening one's leadership by relying on peer groups in management. The team thus shares with all its learners the spirit, concepts and practices of positive psychology.


EDHEC and Potentialife - who signed this partnership on 11 May 2022 - share the ambition of a modern and innovative pedagogy for self-development, which places the learner at the heart of the learning and transformation process, which proves to be a real source of agility for the company. The principle of this partnership is to mix pedagogical innovations with university and company networks to reinforce the respective impacts on students and companies. In concrete terms, Potentialife is already present in the "Emotional Intelligence" course of the EDHEC Master 1 and also occupies an important place in the "Positive and Reflexive Leadership" Certificate in the EDHEC Master 2 with a first class that will graduate on 21 April 2022.




"Make an Impact” with teams and leaders


Benefit from the expertise and pedagogical innovation of the Chair

  • Change your representation of the world, your beliefs and your attitude thanks to products and methodologies that are unique in the world.
  • Be supported in your leadership development strategy: integration of the Chair in the steering committees at corporate level.

Implementation of an annual action plan


Action-research programmes linked to the latest research work

  • Co-hosting courses and seminars with EDHEC professors, interventions by leaders.
  • Through unique programmes (Leadership Course, Reflective Leader Course, etc.), preparing teams for managerial positions and facilitating Management Committees: original training based on the latest research, customised training at preferential rates, Agility Leadership training.

Supporting EDHEC students and strengthening its employer brand


  • Contribute to the EDHEC Group's programmes - 13 different programmes, annual "Inspirations for Leadership" conferences, co-writing of educational cases.
  • Sponsoring student projects around managerial innovation, giving visibility to the partnership through the publication of educational tools accompanying students throughout their course (Learning Journals).