Cédric Verbeeck

Assistant Professor

MSc in Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Manager

Main contributions

Journal of Service Management Research (2021), Computers & Operations Research (2019 ; 2022), Journal of Service Management (2019), Annals of Operations Research (2017), European Journal of Operational Research (2014 ; 2016), Transportation Research (2014)

Discipline: Operations & Supply Chain
Faculty: Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Operations
Expertise: Project Scheduling, Supply Chain, Operations Management


Cedric Verbeeck, PhD, is Professor of Operations management and Co-Director of the MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at EDHEC Business School. He holds a Doctorate in Engineering from Ghent University. Apart from teaching courses in operations management and supply chain management, his research concerns vehicle routing problems and topics in project scheduling. He is an author of various academic publications in journals such as the European Journal of Operations Research and Transportation Research.

Publications of Cédric Verbeeck

18.08.2023 - Case study

Customer Relationship Management for AR-based mobile games: Applying Customer Analytics

Cédric Verbeeck, Arne De Keyser

CCMP 523-0084-1, August 2023

15.03.2022 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Time dependent orienteering problem with time windows and service time dependent profits

Cédric Verbeeck, Khodadadian M, Divsalar Ali, Gunawan A, Vansteenwegen Pieter

Computers & Operations Research, Volume 143, March 2022, Pages 1 - 18

01.12.2021 - Case study

Friterie Riebedebie Needs Your Help

Cédric Verbeeck

ECCH 621-0059-1, December 2021

31.08.2021 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Blockchain in Service Management and Service Research –Developing a Research Agenda and Managerial Implications

Cédric Verbeeck, Arne De Keyser, Thijs Zwienberg Thijs

Journal of Service Management Research, Volume 5, September 2021, Pages 71 - 102

29.05.2019 - Article in a peer reviewed journal

Agile earth observation satellite scheduling: An orienteering problem with time-dependent profits and travel times

Cédric Verbeeck, Guansheng Peng Guansheng, Reginald Dewil Reginald, Aldy Gunawan Aldy, Lining Xing Xing, Pieter Vansteenwegen Pieter

Computers & Operations Research, Volume 111, November 2019, Pages 84 - 98