AI & Platforms Regulation

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07.11.2021 - Explore & master
Can Mark Zuckerberg's "metaverse" remain under his control?
  • Christophe Roquilly , Professor, Honorary Dean of Faculty, Director of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute
29.04.2021 - Explore & master
Young people await European AI regulation
  • Geneviève Houriet Segard , EDHEC NewGen Talent Centre Adjunct Director
21.01.2021 - Explore & master
Why did CNIL sanction Google and Amazon ?
  • Gianclaudio Malgieri , EDHEC Augmented Law Institute Affiliate Researcher
12.07.2019 - Think differently
Getting it right with robots
  • Björn Fasterling , Professor
26.06.2018 - Explore & master
Social Media Regulation: Content Control vs. Platform Nudging
  • Frank Fagan , EDHEC Augmented Law Institute Affiliate Researcher