The continuous development of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute relies on a network of partners of excellence from the academic arena, the legal industry, the legal press and the legaltech, human resources and recruitment sectors.  Partnering with the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute offers you priority access to the cutting-edge knowledge of EDHEC's high-level legal transformation research. You will also participate in the development of our educational offering and legal talent management solutions as part of our dedicated R&D consortium.







The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has signed an editorial partnership with LexisNexis to co-create and distribute content on the skills of the augmented lawyer.




Since March 2020, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has been partnering with HR tech firm Jubiwee to create a new tool to assess the legal teams in another step towards ALLL certification. This partnership aims to support the transformation of legal talent.


Seraphin Legal

Since January 2020, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has been partnering with Seraphin.Legal to develop the first online skills repository designed specifically to support talent management in the legal profession.


Queen's University Faculty of Law - Conflict Analytics Lab

The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has been partnering with the Conflict Analytics Lab of Queen's Law-Cornell (Canada-US) since 2019 as part of the "Trademark Similarity Assessment" project. The partners aim to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool to improve decision-making in the field of intellectual property law. Read more


Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprise (AFJE)

The strategic role of the corporate lawyer is at the heart of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute's work. Its partnership with the AFJE, the French Association of Corporate Lawyers, should come as no surprise, therefore. The AFJE is the leading French lawyers’ association in terms of history, size, reputation and quality of activities. It helps to improve dialogue between corporate lawyers, contributes to their professional development and boosts the visibility of the profession to the benefit of employers and the wider French economy. The partnership grew out of a study on corporate legal culture and a column on legal business culture, both in the Juriste d'Entreprise Magazine, which included an account by a legal director. This column was co-authored by Rémy Sainte Fare Garnot and Christophe Roquilly and has now been replaced by the "Chronique [email protected]". The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute also regularly participates in events organised by the AFJE.


European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA)

The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute is a partner of the European Company Lawyers Association (ECLA), the umbrella organisation for 20 company lawyer associations across Europe. Through this partnership, and in coordination with Philippe Coen, president of ECLA at the time, LegalEdhec published a White Paper entitled Company Lawyers: Independent by Design (eds. P. Coen and C. Roquilly).  The White Paper is available for download here.


Ordre des Avocats (The Law Society of France)

This partnership came to fruition thanks to the First International Conference on Corporate Legal Performance and Culture, and through the participation of EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (LegalEDHEC) members in conferences organised by the Lille Bar Association.


Business & Legal Forum

EDHEC is a partner of Business & Legal Forum, where Christophe Roquilly sits on the Scientific Board. This partnership materialised from a survey looking at EDHEC graduates occupying management positions. This survey aimed to highlight the views of these managers on the role of the legal environment in company strategy and the activities, the types of legal recourse to law that companies can develop, the role of lawyers in this context, and the impact of the law on corporate performance. The results of this survey were presented at the Business and Legal Forum in October 2009. A second study was conducted and the results were presented at the second such event, held in Paris in November 2010. The latter study focused on manager perception of the law and of lawyers. A third study was presented in 2016. A fourth study has been presented at the 2020 Edition of the Business & Legal Forum and will be made available in spring 2021.
For more information on the Business & Legal Forum, please visit: 


Les Affiches Parisiennes

EDHEC Augmented Law Institute runs the “legal performance” column in the legal journal. 



L’ACE is the French Association of Corporate Legal Advisors . The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (as LegalEdhec) regularly participated in events organised by ACE, in particular, its annual congress.



As part of its work on legal risk, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (LegalEdhec) signed a research partnership with the Carrefour Group. The purpose of the project was to build a method of identifying corporate legal risk and to develop risk mapping. Through this partnership, the Carrefour Group – the second-largest retailer in the world and the largest in Europe, present in over 30 countries – underscored its interest in developing a sensible, responsible approach to mitigating the legal risk to which it is inevitably exposed. This partnership materialised as a result of an EDHEC Position Paper.


Leroy Merlin

Building on its research on legal risk mapping with the Carrefour Group, the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (LegalEdhec) signed a research agreement with retailer Leroy Merlin. The research project was aimed at improving the identification and measurement of legal risk in a business strategy context.


Lille Place Tertiaire

Lille Place Tertiaire (more specifically, the Club Lille Place Juridique) and the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (LegalEdhec) partnered to conduct a study to measure the adequacy of expertise in the region and the legal-service needs of businesses.


Transparency and Information Disclosure in Corporate Governance

EDHEC Augmented Law Institute (LegalEdhec) collaborated with two research laboratories at the University of Lille 2 (LERADP and EQUIPPE) as part of a multidisciplinary research project on transparency and information disclosure in corporate governance. The French National Agency for Research provided three years of funding. The aim was to analyse the positive and negative elements of transparency within corporate governance by studying the current effects of transparency systems (including standards, structures and beliefs) on the interests and behaviours of various economic stakeholders. The team brought together expertise in law, finance, economics, strategic management and business ethics. This project, which concluded in December 2011, resulted in publications and a conference.


For information on partnerships, please contact Christophe Roquilly:

03 20 15 45 52

[email protected]

There are several forms of partnership:


This form of partnership is a three-year commitment to sponsor the work of the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute over a sustained period. It can involve endowing a research chair, for example, which can give the partner media publicity, as well as academic and professional cachet, and raise the partner’s profile among EDHEC Business School students.


EDHEC position papers, published on the EDHEC website, deal with economic, social and legal problems and are sent to media and policymakers. In these papers, EDHEC recommends institutional or regulatory improvements to improve the performance of the French economy. As such improvement is one of the major objectives of the country’s president, the resonance of these papers is all the greater.


Companies partnering with the EDHEC Augmented Law Institute for a symposium or conference (on site or online) will contribute to an academic project that may reverberate in professional circles. Corporate partners will benefit from visibility in all event communications.