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As part of its strategy of international excellence, EDHEC has an ambitious research policy that has led it to create research centres drawing on the expertise of its faculty.

EDHEC Research & Development Centres

In order to guarantee the real applicability of the research it conducts, EDHEC places each of its research projects in programs whose objectives and relevance have been validated on both an academic and an industrial level.  Several research centers have been created and have a budget of over 15 million euros. They cover issues related to legal transformations, sustainable finance, value creation and corporate performance, family businesses and infrastructure investment.

The goal common to each of the research teams is to meet international academic standards while also making the results available to business and to policymakers.

The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has Legal Performance and Company Competitiveness as a subtitle, so to speak. At the heart of the Centre then is the notion of legal performance and its variations. Looking into legal performance implies looking into the contribution of the law to overall company performance. Its approach has several facets.

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The Family Business Center was created in 2012 by EDHEC Business School with the support of families (the Mulliez Family, Mage-Invest [the Michelin Family]), renowned family businesses (BIC Group, Oddo&Cie, Roquette, Somfy, Promod, Clinitex and Sisley) and global corporations (Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe and Deloitte). Its mission is to sustain the growth of family businesses developing research into the quality of management within family businesses and training programmes that meet their specific needs, as well as themed events to add an academic dimension to the expertise and experience of their managers.

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In 2001, EDHEC Business School created EDHEC-Risk Institute, a premier academic centre for industry-relevant research in investment management, which has developed a portfolio of research and educational initiatives in the domain of investment solutions for institutional and individual investors. The institute, in partnership with industry leaders, boasts a team of permanent professors, engineers and support staff, as well as affiliate professors and research associates. Their collective work has a particularly significant footprint in the areas of retirement investing and sustainable investing. Its philosophy is to validate its work by publishing in international academic journals, as well as to make it available to the sector through position papers, published studies, online courses, on-campus workshops and global conferences.

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EDHECinfra® is a venture of EDHEC Business School and a provider of indices and analytics for the infrastructure investment universe. Because the majority of infrastructure assets are not publicly traded, there has traditionally been a vast knowledge gap when it comes to gauging the prices of these assets and their evolution. Based in Singapore and London EDHECinfra is closing that gap with analytics and calculated indexes that already cover 25 countries representing an investable universe of 7,000 companies. EDHECinfra maintains the infraMetrics® platform: an online information system that gives access to key market indices including the infra300® and infra100® series. InfraMetrics also includes a wealth of valuation data and analytics, risk metrics, a fund strategy analysis tool providing robust performance quartiles for any segment, strategy or vintage, and peer group analyses allowing investors to compare themselves against comparable segments of the market.

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Created in 2006, the EDHEC Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre works on the choice of discount rate in company valuation and in particular on the integration of systemic accounting risk. For this reason, the centre studies the impact of IFRS on the valuation and on the pricing of the risks of listed European companies. The research centre also studies changes in the use of fairness opinions in the status of outside financial expert. Finally, in cooperation with the risk and asset management research centre, it has done substantial work on the impact of IFRS and of Solvency II on the financial management and valuation of insurance companies.

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The Centre for Responsible Entrepreneurship was created by EDHEC Business School in early 2022. It brings together EDHEC Entrepreneurs (the entrepreneurship awareness and startup incubation programs), all initiatives and curricula focused on entrepreneurship within the teaching programs, as well as research projects on this theme, particularly the Family Business Chair. This center combines startup incubation with teaching programs and research to strengthen access to entrepreneurship for all stakeholders, students, professors and alumni of EDHEC and its partner schools. The center develops, promotes and disseminates responsible entrepreneurship practices to foster business transformation and develop a positive impact for future generations.

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The mission of EDHEC-Risk Climate Impact Institute is to help private and public decision makers manage climate-related financial risks and make the best use of financial tools to transition to low-emission climate-resilient economies. Building upon the expertise and industry reputation developed by EDHEC-Risk Institute over two decades, the core ambition of ERCII is to become the leading academic reference helping long-term investors manage the asset pricing and investment management implications of climate change and adaptation and mitigation efforts.ERCII also aims to play a noted role helping financial supervisors and policy makers assess climate-related risks in the financial system and understand their links with the real economy, as well as advising on policy and financial tools to mitigate those risks and optimise the contribution of finance to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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