EDHEC Research Centres

As part of its strategy of international excellence, EDHEC has an ambitious research policy that has led it to create research centres drawing on the expertise of its faculty.

EDHEC Research Centres, Chairs and Initiatives

In an effort to guarantee the applicability of its research, EDHEC undertakes research whose objectives and relevance have been confirmed by academia as well as by business.

The goal common to each of the research teams is to meet international academic standards while also making the results available to business and to policymakers.

The EDHEC Augmented Law Institute has Legal Performance and Company Competitiveness as a subtitle, so to speak. At the heart of the Centre then is the notion of legal performance and its variations. Looking into legal performance implies looking into the contribution of the law to overall company performance. Our approach has several facets.

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The Family Business Center was created in 2012 by EDHEC Business School with the support of families (the Mulliez Family, Mage-Invest [the Michelin Family]), renowned family businesses (BIC Group, Oddo&Cie, Roquette, Somfy, Promod, Clinitex and Sisley) and global corporations (Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe and Deloitte). Its mission is to sustain the growth of family businesses developing research into the quality of management within family businesses and training programmes that meet their specific needs, as well as themed events to add an academic dimension to the expertise and experience of their managers.

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Asset and Risk Management

Created in 2001, EDHEC-Risk Institute has become the premier academic centre for industry-relevant research in investment management, focusing on asset allocation and risk management and has developed an ambitious portfolio of research and educational initiatives in the domain of investment solutions for institutional and individual investors. The research centre, in partnership with industry leaders, brings together fifty-three professors, research engineers, research associates, and affiliate professors to work in seven main fields of research 

  • Investment Solutions in Institutional and Individual Money management
  • Equity Risk Premia in Investment Solutions
  • Fixed-Income Risk Premia in Investment Solutions
  • Alternative Risk Premia in Investment Solutions
  • Multi-Asset Multi-Factor Investment Solutions
  • Reporting and Regulation for Investment Solutions
  • Technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Investment Solutions

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This research centre aims to address the profound knowledge gap faced by infrastructure investors by collecting and standardising private investment and cash flow data and running state-of-the-art asset pricing and risk models to create the performance benchmarks that are needed for asset allocation, prudential regulation and the design of new infrastructure investment solutions. EDHECinfra currently has the world’s largest dedicated database of infrastructure investment cash flows, covering more than 15 years of data and hundreds of projects across the globe. EDHECinfra is headquartered in Singapore and has a team of 10 researchers.

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Accounting standards and new approaches to valuation
Created in 2006, the EDHEC Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre works on the choice of discount rate in company valuation and in particular on the integration of systemic accounting risk. For this reason, the centre studies the impact of IFRS on the valuation and on the pricing of the risks of listed European companies. The research centre also studies changes in the use of fairness opinions in the status of outside financial expert. Finally, in cooperation with the risk and asset management research centre, it has done substantial work on the impact of IFRS and of Solvency II on the financial management and valuation of insurance companies.

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