EDHEC Business School has become a key academic institution for the financial industry thanks to its research activity in Finance recognized worldwide. Since the creation of EDHEC-Risk Institute (ERI) in 2001, a research centre dedicated to financial risk management, the school has developed academic or industrial partnerships with the most important and prestigious players in Finance (Amundi, BlackRock, Nomura, Yale University...) and trains the most qualified professionals. ERI has also created two new international entities. EDHEC Infrastructure, supported by Singapore's monetary authorities, conducts research on the financing and management of infrastructure investments. Scientific Beta, based in London, Singapore, Nice, Paris, Boston and Tokyo, designs alternative indices to traditional market indices with 34 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2018 for the world's largest pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. This dynamism of Finance research creates a natural attraction for the EDHEC programmes in Finance irrigated by this academic excellence and an "EDHEC for Business" model, which the PhD in Finance and Master's degree in Finance, ranked 1st by the Financial Times in 2017, benefit from.




EDHEC-Risk Institute

The leading academic think-tank in the area of investment solutions


Scientific Beta

The world’s leading designer and producer of smart beta indices


The leading research centre dedicated to infrastructure-project financing and risk assessment


15 Millions €
in annual revenues generated by the EDHEC Finance research

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