EDHEC Professor Karin Kollenz wins Best Case Study at the Case Centre's 31st Awards
- 26-03-2021
PRESS RELEASE – 8h (GMT) 1 March 2021- See the original announcement here.  Announcing...
Future [FIT]ness: Partnering with the airline industry during crisis
- 20-10-2020
The EDHEC Student Against the Crisis was a collaboration between students and ...
#MyEDHECCommunity - How does the EDHEC FIT Chair help businesses to recover from the pandemic?
- 28-09-2020
The EDHEC Foresight, Innovation and Transformation Chair is proud of the work of its...
ESAC Team : students help firms to discover new business opportunity in this Covid crisis.
- 27-04-2020
As Covid-19 crisis is challenging companies, there is a way to explore and transform...