Develop your talent by attending one of our courses on strategic foresight, scenario-based planning, business wargaming, systematic trend management, and innovation and transformation in the digital era.

The EDHEC FIT Chair proposes Open and Customised Programmes.

1. Strategic Foresight Open Course

Imagine being able to step into the future and explore how you can repeat success, pinpoint your blind spots, and build confidence. Through a five-step process, this course will help you to become better prepared for an uncertain future.

You will develop skills to:

1. Overcome common obstacles to strategic thinking

2. Identify and interpret signals of change

3. Craft compelling future narratives

4. Build a portfolio of actions that allow you to adapt over the

short, medium, and long term

5. Apply tools and Frameworks to move from strategy to action at pace

                  Your course tutors



Prof. René Rohrbeck      Camelia Ram


2. Strategic Customised Program

Enhancing your ability to respond to change transforms your mindset into one that constantly looks for the opportunity, even in the face of adversity. This is an indispensable leadership skill that allows you to envision completely different possibilities in today's rapidly changing, volatile environment. 

- Face-to-face, blended, or fully online

- Tailored to meet the company’s specific needs

- Short, one-off programs (3-5 days)

- Longer development programs (5-10 days) including company-specific project(s)

Topics include amongst others:

Strategic Foresight incl. Scenario Planning and War Gaming Strategic Thinking incl. Strategy Development, Strategic Analysis, Strategic Options Strategy in Action incl. Resilience and Crisis Mgmt. Innovation Management incl. Business Model Innovation, Disruption, Innovators’ skills Digital and AI Transformation.


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