French Health Care System




You must have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) for the whole duration of your stay.

IMPORTANT: EHIC rules changed in July 2014. It is now no longer possible to claim a reimbursement from your home country. This is why it is important to get an EHIC before coming to France.
The EHIC card is free of charge from all European health services.  
More information about EHIC.

If you do not have an EHIC card, you have to take out a private health insurance for the whole duration of your stay.



It is mandatory, even if in some countries a private health or travel insurance is required for the visa application. This health insurance covers up to 70% of your medical expenses in France (GP consultation, medicines, etc.). 

The registration can only be done in September and you will be covered from October onwards.


IMPORTANT: The French Public Health Insurance IS NOT A TRAVEL INSURANCE and DOES NOT COVER FOR REPATRIATION, civil liability, nor your travels across Europe. If you need such an insurance, EDHEC ISO recommends you take out a student travel insurance.

For a GP consultation, everyone usually has to pay 25€ in cash (please check our Useful Guide for a list of recommended GP)  and then claim the reimbursement (more information in Reimbursement procedure). Once registered, you will get a document called “Attestation de Droits” providing your provisional social security number.

The provisional social security number is enough to claim the reimbursement of your medical expenses and/or medicines. It can take time until you receive the “carte vitale”, so we do not recommend that you apply for it if you are only staying in France for one semester. 

If you stay for more than a year in France, it is worth applying for the carte vitale as the reimbursement is automatic.

To apply for a carte vitale, go to your reimbursement center with:

  •  Your birth certificate translated into French
  • The official form signed, filled in and with an ID photo



If you come from Quebec, please bring a copy of the valid SE 401-Q-106 form provided by your home insurance for the whole duration of your stay.



More information about French Social Security:

  • A French bank account is required to get reimbursed.
  • To be reimbursed up to 70%, it is important to declare a General practitioner to your reimbursement center (see more information in Reimbursement procedure créer un lien vers reimbursement procedure).
  • To consult some specialists, you need a prescription from your General Practitioner except from the usually frequented doctors such as the dentist, the ophthalmologist and gynecologist.

For any other specialists, you have to go through your General Practitioner first.


The French government leads reforms in the French Education System. From 2018 onwards, students are requested to register on a platform and pay a mandatory €91 contribution, which is used to improve French Education services. 

The link to register and a step-by-step guide is sent by EDHEC ISO to all incoming students a few weeks before their arrival.


If you want to be fully covered, we recommend that you get a complementary insurance, called “Mutuelle”. Usually 30% of your medical expenses are reimbursed and sometimes up to 100% of some medical expenses which are not entirely covered by French National Health Insurance. 







If you need to make an appointment at a GP or a specialist, you can do it online through MONDOCTEUR.FR

  • Choose the doctor or specialist you need to consult (be careful for some specialists you need a prescription from your GP to be well reimbursed)
  • Choose the city

And then you will have to fill out the form.

Please note that a French phone number is required to make an appointment online from this website.

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