Cost of living*

Student Health Insurance year €90 €90 €90
Bedroom in a flat month from €450 from €300 from €450
Private flat month from €550 from €400 from €800
Student residence month from €460 from €420 from €500
Home insurance year from €50 from €50 from €50
Electricity month from €50 from €40 from €50

Landline phone + Wi-fi connexion

month from €20 from €20 from €20
Local tax year one-month rent one-month rent one-month rent
Public transports pass month from €24.50 from €23.80 from €75.20
Food budget month €250 €150 €250
A Meal at EDHEC snack bar   €6.50 €6  
A Sandwich   from €4 from €3.5 from €4
A cup of coffee   €1.5 €1.5 €1.90

* Some of the above-mentioned prices are estimates, which may vary depending on each student's way of life

Visa validation / Residence permit renewal

Administrative procedure

Once in France, the EDHEC International Students Office will help you for the official procedures: either the visa validation or the residence permit renewal.


Do not send any document to the office of immigration or do not go to the prefecture, EDHEC ISO will organize everything.

Students coming just for one semester may have a visa, which does not need to be validated.

Visa validation

Your visa has to be validated within the 3 months after you entered France.

  • The French consulate gave you an OFII form with your visa: keep it carefully. OFII = Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration (French office of immigration and integration)
  • When arriving in France or in the Schengen space (depending on your flight schedule) ask the customs officer to stamp your passport
  • For the welcome day (administrative file session) bring a proof of accommodation, a copy of your passport, visa and custom stamp and the original OFII form. We will explain how to fill it in.
  • EDHEC ISO will collect all files and send them to the immigration office.
  • Immigration will send you a notification for an appointment in order to validate your visa.
  • OFII will require administrative costs

Cost of visa validation per category

Visa or residence permit extension

If you need to extend or renew your long stay visa or residence permit in France while you are a student at EDHEC, the EDHEC ISO will organize the process in connection with the prefecture.

Work in France / Internship


Full year International Students with a long stay visa are allowed to work maximum 964 hours per year (that means 60% of the annual legal duration of working hours).

The period starts from the 1st day of the visa validation or of the residence permit.For more information: Foreign students and work


All international students can do internships in France. The only condition is to have an internship contract (convention de stage), that will be provided by the EDHEC Student Career Center (only for full year students).

An internship is not considered as a job by the French law.


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